Off and Running

Yep, I'm off an running in planning my promotion for Smell of Death. Have the launch party lined up--have to make the invitations, but my posters to put around town are done.

I'm getting bookmarks made (if you want one, let me know), and I've been working on some of interviews for the blogs I'll be visiting on my Virtual Book Tour. That is far more time consuming than you might imagine. You want the interviews or articles to be interesting enough that people will want to read them, and you have to make sure each one is different.

In between, I've been skimming emails and trying to work on my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. (Oh, and I did the laundry and changed the sheets on my bed--you know the stuff you have to do.)

We are in the middle of the first big storm coming through California and there's a leak in my office. Hubby has put up something to catch the drips--but will have to wait until this rash of storms is over before he can do anything about the roof.

Once I know where all I'm going on my Virtual Book Tour, I'll post it here and everywhere else I can think of.

Off I go again.


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