He is Risen!

I hope that's one of the songs we'll be singing this a.m. at the Easter Sunrise Service at our little church in Springville. I doubt we'll have much of a crowd since we didn't have any publicity that I know of--too much was happening to church members.

Our pastor and his wife are having big time car problems. Wife (who is also one of our daughters) borrowed our car to drive up to wear her daughter lives in order to care for new baby while daughter had a dental appointment.

Their other daughter (my granddaughter too of course, as is the new mom) has been horribly ill all week as well as her husband. They are finally on the mend.

The woman who has always been the one to spearhead all of our fun events is traveling with her husband. Another member who is a big worker, has also been sick.

Some sort of flu has been really making its rounds. Not only among church members, but everywhere it seems.

Mostly, I've just been playing catch-up. I have about ten books I need to read and review. I'm working on a new one of my own, and it looks like I'll soon be ghost-writing another.

Today, Easter Sunday, I plan to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with my church family and my own family who'll come over to our house after church for dinner.

Here's wishing you a wonderful Easter Sunday.

a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


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