Time to Do Some Cleaning

Yes, I do some chores every once in awhile. When I can, I hire someone else to do them. My d-i-l was cleaning for me regularly, but now she's gone to work with her hubby (my son) on a job where she's away from home weeks on end. Last week one of my grandsons did the floors and dusted--he's good at it, but he didn't get around to the bathrooms. We have three--all well used.

I'm really hard at work on a new book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, but my mind only works well on that sort of creative process in the mornings.

I try to write something new for this blog every day, not easy either. And then there's the twitters to come up with--and on and one.

Not only that, I just received a box of books, about 10, from the American Authors Association for who I do book reviews, so sometime I must tackle that. Oh, and I recently received 3 books from Simon and Schuster to review. (I read while I'm eating and in bed.)

I'm going to be speaking for my chapter of Sisters in Crime at the beginning of next month and they gave me some questions members want me to answer. I put down a few notes about that.
I've got two book festivals coming up and realized I'd better order some more copies of No Sanctuary.

And to get back to what I started, it's time to tackle at least one of the bathrooms.



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