Doing More Reading Than Usual

Whenever I go to a conference or convention I end up buying books written by people I meet and like. (Yes, I must confess, if I don't like someone, I don't buy their books.)

At the PSWA Conference I purchased two of Betty Webb's books, Desert Cut and Anteater of Death and enjoyed both of the very different books.

I also bought Michael A. Black's, Chicago Knights, which reminded me of the detective stories I read a lot of a few years ago. It was action packed, the hero was likeable and multi-faceted--and realistic, plus there was a touch of romance woven through the complicated plot.

The Pot Thief by Michael Orenduff was a terrific book! I had no idea what to expect when I started reading it, and it was definitely a unique book with captivating characters and an unusual plot.

Now I'm half way through Robert Haig's Fire Horses. Robert is the first fire fighter to attend the PSWA conference, and as you might guess, his book is about fire fighting. This is really a page turner and an eye opener as to the danger fire fighters go through when on the job.

When I'm finally through all the books I've got stacked up, I have a few waiting on my Kindle. I'm trying to save the books there for reading when I'm out of town and I did manage to read two while I was in Santa Maria.

Our next trip is to visit our girls in Oxnard and I'll take my trusty Kindle along, but I doubt if I'll have much time to read.



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