What's Important to Me

Not Michael Jackson or all the tributes. Though the man's music was wonderful, his life left a lot to be desired.

Watched a Captain Sullenberg tribute--a real hero who actually lives a life to emulate.

But bringing it even closer to home, what's most important to me is my belief in God and the Bible is His word. Next comes my family with my husband at the top of the list. He is a true hero. He served over 20 years in the Seabees, with four tours of duty in Vietnam. He's managed to put up with me for nearly 59 years and believe me it hasn't always been easy. He's been my lover and my true friend all these many years.

He's the father of our five children and was a disciplinarian, just ask them. He's a grandfather of 18 and great-grandfather of 11. (Because new ones keep being added we have trouble keeping track of the actual number.)He has been there for everyone when they needed him, whether it was a helping hand with something, or just a lap to sit on and cry.

All of those children are important to me. I want them to have good lives and to contribute to the community they live in. Some have already done that.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I love my friends and I have some wonderful ones. I love being a published writer, I've certainly enjoyed all that comes with the writing, holding the finished book in my hand, and the promoting.

I'm proud of all the things I've managed to accomplish in my life and the different tasks I've taken on being a Camp Fire Leader for 10 years, from beginning college when my youngest started kindergarten, teaching in a pre-school for developmentally disabled kids for 10 years, teaching in day cares for disadvantaged kids, then having my own care home for six developmentally disabled women for over twenty years, and much much more.

But most of all I'm proud of my husband and my family and they are what's most important to me.



Lillie Ammann said…

You've got your priorities straight!
Thanks, Lillie. That's how I feel and I think since I had a brush with my mortality on the 4th when I got so sick from heat prostration, that made me think a bit.

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