Facebook, Oh my!

I post on Facebook a lot. I enjoy it because I get to find out stuff about my family and friends I wouldn't any other way. I get to see photos quicker when they post them.

But--my goodness--I'm shocked by what some people post. Do they forget who their friends are? Do they really want everyone to know their private lives? If they put something about someone on Facebook that isn't very nice--that someone is probably going to see it.

Frankly, I'd rather not know anything about someone's sex life--and I've unfriended someone who wrote such graphic stuff I got a mind image I never needed to have.

I also could live without all this political bashing on both sides. No one is going to convince anyone if they are on the opposite side. The meaner things get the less I like it.

Telling your secrets on Facebook is not a good idea because everyone can read what you've written. I'm shocked by what some people write.

It kind of reminds me people who talk so loud on the cell phones while they are walking around a store that everone with ten feet or more can hear what's going on in their private lives.

In airports I've heard business men discussing things that I'm sure they didn't want everyone around them to know, but know of us could help hearing because they spoke so loudly, oblivious of all the ears taking it in.

Not smart. These days it would certainly be easy to be a corporate spy and cause problems for someone or a business.

Anyway folks, don't say anything on Facebook that wouldn't confess before an auditorium full of people--because that's more or less what your'e doing.

And that's my rant for the day.



Linda said…
Marilyn - I totally agree with you. If I see some of my friends spouting incorrect or bad information, I respond to them privately - not in the comments section. I have hidden friends who use foul language in their posts or unfriended them if they are not close friends. It just doesn't make sense to do any of this because as you said, anyone can look at it later and it could cost you a job you want badly.
Mason Canyon said…
I'm in agreement too. It amazes me just how much personal information people put on Facebook.

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M.M. Gornell said…
Marilyn, thanks for mentioning this. Just before I read your post I was thinking about unfriending someone whose friends leave vulgar comments. Nice to know I'm not alone in my thinking.
Thanks, Linda, Mason and Madeline for making a comment. Hopefully, I'll soon put up some pics and blogs about Bouchercon.
Anonymous said…
And Marilyn I too agree with you and I have unfriended ppl too for their comments. This should be a pleasant place to exchange good wishes and assist one another with uplifting thoughts if needed. It is so interesting to hear thoughts on discussible topics. Being able to share pictures too is wonderful! Glad I have found you for a new friend!

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