Loose Ends Kill by Robert Doerr

Loose Ends Kill Brief Summary

With nearly three decades of investigative and operational experience, Bob Doerr knows how to create a realistic and challenging murder scene. He combines his vast experience and writing savvy in Loose Ends Kill—the third mystery crime thriller in his Jim West series.

In this new novel, West comes to the rescue of an old friend suspected of killing his own wife. West rolls up his sleeves and begins to dig deep—perhaps too deeply—as someone begins to follow and target him.

It’s not long before West discovers that he didn’t know his friend’s wife as well as he thought. Everyone but West and his friend knew that she had many affairs. Any of her lovers could have had a motive to kill her.

As he investigates one lover after the other, West ignites an outbreak of more deaths and mayhem. The killer wants him dead. His friend’s lawyer wants him to go back home, and the police threaten to arrest him.

Feeling the pressure to solve the murder quickly, West sets a trap for the killer—using himself as bait. However, he soon learns he may have only outsmarted himself.

When asked for more information about himself and his books, this is what Bob had to say:

My goal is to write at least five Jim West mystery/thrillers. Loose Ends Kill is my third. The first two were set in New Mexico. Loose Ends Kill is set in San Antonio, and my fourth book is set in Colorado Springs.

A couple questions I routinely get asked:

(1) Are these stories based on any real investigations: No, they are completely fictional stories.

(2) Is Jim West me? No, my life was never that interesting.

I've been writing for fun for nearly thirty years, but only got serious about getting published a few years ago when I retired from my day job.


This definitely sounds like a fascinating book by an author who sounds far more interesting than he lets on.



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