Do Doctor's Think We Have Nothing to Do But Wait?

This is another rant. Hubby had an appointment with his eye specialist to view a movie at 4:30 p.m. about his upcoming cataract surgery. Right after we ate breakfast, his regular doctor's office called to say the eye doc wanted hubby to come in for a pre-op exam and she suggested a time around the first appointment. When I told what we had to do, she made it for 1.20 p.m. Then we had a call for the eye doc asking us to come in earlier than the appointment. We didn't eat lunch just hurried to town figuring we'd do one then the other and go eat.

We really didn't have to wait long for the pre-op exam, altogether we were about 45 minutes. We picked up a prescription and headed to the eye doc's, only a block away. Hubby was taken right in to see the movie. While I waited in the lobby with my Kindle, many more people came in and came out. I began to think perhaps hubby had fallen asleep and no one realized. Finally he came out and I thought, "Hooray, we can go eat."

No such luck. Now we had to wait for the doc to give some instructions. We waited and waited, More people came in and came out. Twice I had hubby get up and ask when he'd get to see the doc. Finally at 15 of 5 we were called in. Yes, the instructions were important, but seems like we could've been squeezed in somewhere. He has prescriptions to pick up and of course the pharmacy we use (in the same building as our primary physician) was closed.

Starving, we headed to our favorite Thai restaurant.

My point though is why on earth did we have to wait so long, because we're old? There was another doctor who came in who had to wait a long, long time too for his appointment, so I thought well at least he'll see what it's like to have to wait.

I might not be as important as the doctor but I have lots to do and had thought I'd get home in time to do some of them.

At least it feels good to gripe about it.



Vicki Rocho said…
I understand that for a lot of doctors, their time is not their own. Many of them are managed by huge companies that deliberately overbook them. I also realize that sometimes things come up and they have to squeeze other patients with urgent problems in.

That said, it is still very disrespectful to make you wait so long. Personally, I think it should have been done immediately following the movie instead of making your hubby go back out to the waiting room.
All I can say I was glad I had my Kindle with me. We have to go back on Tuesday at 4:30 to find out what time the operation is.
Sue Roebuck said…
This makes me think of the tale of a chap waiting for his doctor whose receptionist said was delayed. There was a TV in the waiting room and it was showing a local tennis match. At one point the camera panned into the crowd - onto this chap's doctor!

No disrespect intended to the medical profession :-)

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