Family Matters

Everyone knows I have a big family, bigger than most.

With a big family like mine something is always going on.

In the past couple of months:

An adult grandson had to be rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pains.

A great-grandson graduated from high school.

A granddaughter graduated from high school.

Because of the economy and cutbacks with jobs a granddaughter and her hubby had to give up their perfect house.

A granddaughter lost her first baby and had to undergo surgery.

Planning is underway for our annual family reunion where we will be celebrating an auntie's 100th birthday.

We've had smaller birthday celebrations for family members--usually a dinner out and maybe a movie.

All the cars belonging to one daughter and hubby broke down at the same time. Since the are the vehicles which serve not only the family but hauling church people around, created a crisis. Cars are being worked on in the driveway, people have loaned cars to help out.

That's merely an overview.

We do a lot of praying in our family--and believe me it's needed and it helps.



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