Big Things From Long Ago That Helped My Writing Career

Probably the biggest single event that has helped my writing career nearly every day is the fact that I took a half semester of typing way back in junior high school. Being able to type well and fast is probably the single biggest ability that has helped my writing career and many other things I've done through my life.

Second comes learning how to use a computer. Oh, what a struggle that was, because I got one eons ago when they weren't easy and you had to have two real "floppy" discs--one to write on, the other for the word processing program. And learning how to use that program and others wasn't easy either. (Thanks go to a friends who owned a computer store and guided me along the way.)

Third probably is the Internet. I learned how to use it long before any of my friends. I even took a class, but I already knew more than the instructor taught us just because I bumbled and stumbled along. I loved emailing long before most people even had an email address. And yes, I embraced epublishing even before there was such a thing as an ereader.

Fourth is the critique group I joined way back in 1981. I learned more over the years from my writing friends than I ever did from any of the writing conferences (though I did learn a lot from them) and books on writing that I read (and there were plenty of them.)

I could go on and on--but things came so rapidly after that it would fill up far too much  But over all, I would say living a long life and experiencing many things and paying attention to other people and what they have to say has added a lot to my writing career.



Anne K. Albert said…
I also learned to type in high school, and like you, think it was one of the most beneficial aspects of the entire process!

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