First Child's Birthday

Dana Kathleen is our only child not born in California. She arrived when I was living in a dinky upstairs apartment in Campbridge MD. Hubby was stationed in Norfolk VA and didn't get home to see his first child until the following day.

When she was three months old we packed up our belongings (we didn't have much) in our old Cadillac and drove across the United States to my folks' home in California. It was a scary trip--we hardly had any money, our car broke down on Thanksgiving day in North Carolina, it was winter and we were cold during most of the drive. We could tell the car was heaving it's final breaths, but we did make it to the front of the house in L.A. where all four tires immediately went flat. Soon, hubby and my dad discovered that there were 4 cracks in the block and the transmission was dead.

Soon hubby had to report back to VA. I went to work and mom took care of Dana. From that time on, despite many other grandchildren, Dana was the favorite and everyone knew it.

She was always grown-up acting, one of those kids who everyone wanted for a baby sitter, always got good grades and never gave us any trouble at all. As the eldest of five, she acted like a second mom.

Dana married her high school sweetheart, Mike. Of course we had no money for an extravagant ceremony. Dana made her dress and most of the bridesmaids. We gathered daisy's for the bridesmaids to carry in their baskets. We even used rosebuds from the garden to make the decorations for the men's suits.

During the wedding, the whole wedding party got the giggles. We had the reception in our backyard and I prepared all the food. The cake was made by a neighbor.

Things have changed a bit, in the first photo, we were on vacation with Dana and her great hubby, Mike. She was looking at for hubby and me all the time.

Mike has turned out to be the perfect husband for Dana, a true soul mate. They have two grown children now, and five grandchildren.

I'm very proud of all my children, but Dana is certainly special, being the first one, the one we learned how to be parents with.

Happy Birthday, Dana!

Love you so much.



Shilpa said…
This is a very touching post. I congratulate you for having Dana and I am so happy for her family. Please pass my birthday wishes to her. I am a stranger to be really wishing her. But from what you have written in your post about her, I would love to have a daughter like her. :)
Mason Canyon said…
Happy Birthday to Dana. This is a very moving tribute.

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Dana and I have lots of fun together, though now she seems to look after me more than the other way around.

Thanks for the comments, Shilpa and Mason.

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