Celebrating Sisters in Crime's 25th Birthday

Though I belong to four different chapters of Sisters in Crime, I was only able to celebrate the International Organization of Sister's in Crime 25th birthday with the Central Coast Chapter. I don't remember when I first started going to San Luis Obispo to give presentations to this chapter, nor do I remember when I actually joined. What I do remember is how wonderful the members are and how fast I made friends with them.

Because neither hubby nor I like to drive at night anymore, we left for the coast on Friday morning. Our first destination was a place to eat. We had English style fish and chips in Morro Bay and had to walk through the rain. We went to La Serena Hotel, which has become a favorite place to stay, and watched old movies while listening to it pour outside. We settled for cookies and tea for our supper that were offered in the lobby.

The next morning we enjoyed our free breakfast at the hotel--they have the best waffles that you make yourself--and then headed to the library at San Luis Obispo.

Right away we received hugs from fellow members and good friends Sue McGinty, Victoria Heckman, Karen Kavanaugh and Barbara Hodges, and warm welcomes from many others. Along with other volunteers, hubby helped put up tables--ones for the authors, the Friends of the Library from Morro Bay, Cayucos, Los Osos, SLO, the Nightwriters Group, and for the food--which was great, by the way.

The program began at 11:45 with Using What you Know with Sue McGinty moderatirng, Susan Tuttle, Karen Kavanaugh, and Randlph Tower as panelists.

This was followed by two readings, one by Anne Allen and another by Tony Piazza.

I moderated a panel on Promotion and Social Networking. Anne Allen explained what a blog was and how to do one. I talked about blog tours and Barbara Hodges explained the advantages of and how to use Facebook.

Victoria Heckman also read from her latest book.

There were drawings for raffle prizes all through the day.

We had a great time, as usual and ended the day at a quaint restaurant called The Hungry Donkey and enjoyed a wonderful meal with Karen Kavanaugh and her friend Tammy.

We just made it back to our hotel before it was completely dark.

Was it worth it? In terms of book sales, no, but in terms of good fellowship and fun, definitely.



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