I've Got Entirely Too Much on My Plate

From last Thursday through Tuesday I was off at a meeting and also got in some visiting with two of my daughters. Of course while I was gone, a pile of work came in on my email.

Two big project requests arrived that take a lot of concentration and a lot of my time--but they also pay well. (Need some income to pay for my trips here and there.)

Also, a good friend did a read through on one of my manuscripts and she sent it back to me as an attachment, I filed it somewhere where I thought it would be easy to find--ha, I can't locate it anywhere. I asked if she still had a copy, I'm sure she thinks I've become addled in my old age, and maybe I have.

The Board of Equalization sent me my tax form--I don't really know how to do them, but I file one every year and hope for the best. It's due right away. (Haven't tackled it yet.)

I have all sorts of blog posts I need to write for my upcoming blog tour for No Bells, but just haven't found the time to do most of them.

I've written a list of what has to be done right now and managed to cross off a few things, but when I cross off one thing two more pop up.

Oh, and did I mention, I've got four books that I need to read and review?

I probably ought to stay home tonight, but I'm going to visit my critique group. I missed last week, and I really feel the need to be around my friends.

Enough lamenting, time to feed my husband.



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