Meet Vincent Casale, author of The Coparazzi

The Coparazzi

 My inspiration for writing The Coparazzi was my love of movies. When I was with the NYPD I was transferred to a unit called the Movie Unit. The Unit's job was to work primarily with the movie production crews when they filmed on the streets of NY. We were there to protect and assist in all matters pertaining to safety and traffic. I always wanted to write a book and this was the idea that inspired me.

 Bio: Vincent Casale was born and raised in New York City. In 1984 he joined the New York City Police Department. During his twenty years of service he was assigned for three of them in the department's NYPD, Movie Unit. Vincent was over the moon because of his love for movies. Officer Casale retired in 2004 and now resides on Long Island NY with his family. 
Blurb: The Coparazzi is a different kind of police book. This is no cops and robbers story but the subject matter is interesting to those who are interested in the NYPD meets Hollywood. Sprinkled with photos and the authors idea of celebrity obsession it makes for a fast paced read. (Available from Amazon.)

Thank you Marilyn much appreciated, Vincent Casale
You are most certainly welcome, Vincent. I love the title and I know I'll love the book.




Jake said…
Sounds like an interesting book. Must have been interesting being on movie unit.

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