Review of Red Cell by Mark Henshaw

My Review of Red Cell by Mark Henshaw

This up-to-date spy story never lets up. From page 1, Rookie CIA case officer, Kyra Stryker (what a great name for a female spy) starts on a spiraling adventure that takes her from Venezuela to China with many stops in-between and after. Kyra is not the only point-of-view character, but she is the one the reader gets to follow the most.

What I liked about this book the most, was that it seemed highly possible with all that is going on today. One of the promotion sheets that accompanied this book was a list of what is really true in the book because the author was a part of some of what goes on, including the Red Cell CIA unit. I’m sure the author’s experience and knowledge is what added to the authenticity of the story. 

Anyone who would like to read what real spies do—whether they are US spies or those of another country—should read this book. Though every bit as exciting as any spy movie, it rings true. The action is all possible—because it probably happened close to how it is depicted for the story.

In any case, if you love thrillers and spy stories and a strong female heroine with moral and integrity, Red Cell is the book for you.


(This book was given to me by Simon and Schuster with no obligation to give a review--good or bad.)


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