So What Do I Do Next, Sit Back and Relax?

Ha, ha, ha. I know that a lot of people are thinking now that I'm through with my blog tour, I won't have anything to occupy my time.

Let me tell you what's on my list:

Work on newsletter for Public Safety Writers Association.

Promote the Public Safety Writers Association's conference. PSWA

Work on my new Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery--won't be too long before I get the edits from Mundania for the next one coming, called Raging Water. Due out this fall.

Every Wednesday night, read a chapter of the latest Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel. It's finished, though no title as yet. Sometimes titles come easy, sometimes they don't.

I need to also work on the newsletter that I write and edit for the California Residential Services Association, for Administrators of residential care homes for the developmentally disabled, the elderly and mentally ill. (I was in this field for over 20 years and still work for the association.)

Prepare for upcoming in-person events. This month I'm speaking to the Tulare Kings Writers group about e-books and marketing.

And at the end of May we'll be going to Sedona AZ where I'll be speaking at the Well Red Coyote on June 1st at 7 about Writing What You Don't Know. (The next day we'll be helping celebrate my writing mentor's 90th birthday, Willma Gore.

I'm the clerk for our church, which means I write minutes for the council meetings and there is one this month along with a potluck--and as always, I'll be taking a dish.

Of course I'll still be promoting No Bells on line. It is now available on Kindle and Nook.

For fun, we're heading to Oxnard to see Dark Shadows with our eldest daughter. I'll write more about why at a later date.

And I do all the usual things wives do, shop, cook, laundry etc. and hubby and I like to take in a movie at least twice a month--and there are also the doctor appointments.

So you can see, I won't be doing a whole lot of relaxing.


Jake said…
You certainly will not be resting. Thank you for sending my prize. Arrived yesterday with our 100 temps which provides more reading time. Your generosity is apreciated.

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