Ongoing Characters in the RBPD series by F. M. Meredith

On DorothyL, a great mystery list with both readers and writers, a big discussion has been going on about whether or not to have a list of characters in the front of a book. Some thought it absolutely necessary. Others pointed out that in a mystery series it might give away s surprise. I talked to my publisher and she said it would be an added expenses--especially if she had to go back and do it in previous books in the series.

Instead of doing that, I thought I would list some of the ongoing characters here: (Some I'm leaving out because they would ruin a plot surprise.)

Doug Milligan, a RBPD police office who is upgraded to detective.

Ryan Strickland, another officer with a reputation of a womanizer who undergoes a major change through the series.

Stacey Wilbur, one of only a few female officers in the series. She was widowed and has one child. Major events happen to her over the series.

Abel Navarro, another officer, who has a big extended family that often affects his job.

Felix Zachary, an officer who undergoes trauma, life and family drama.

Wendy Zachary, Felix's school teacher wife.

Gordon Butler, by-the-book officer who faces lots of turmoil on the job and disappointments in his private life.

Chief McKenzie, RBPD police chief.

There are many others: family members, wives and ex-wives, new and lost loves, law breakers, bad guys and gals, philanderers, child molesters, pedophiles, murderers, witnesses, strange crimes, and of course, murderers.

Nope, a list of characters really wouldn't work in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

 All these books are available in the usual places:

 Listed in the order they appeared:

Final Respects
Bad Tidings
Fringe Benefits
Smell of Death
No Sanctuary
An Axe to Grind
Angel Lost
No Bells

Each one is written as a stand-alone, because when I wrote Final Respects I had no idea I would write another, but I wanted to know what happened next. I hope you'll start reading them and also want to know what happened next.

F. M. Meredith aka Marilyn Meredith


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