Planning My Promo for Raging Water

Some of you know one thing I'm doing because I've contacted you asking if I could be a guest on your blog. Yep, I'm going to do another blog tour. 

I tried to vary the people that I'm visiting but ones I know have different followers than I do. And of course I'm hoping that some of their followers are readers who might be interested in buying Raging Water..

For every post I tried to come up with something different. Even when it was an interview, the questions were different. I also sent different photos of me to each of the posts. There are a couple of duplicates because I ran out of photos.

Am I having a contest? I sure am. I'm repeating one I've had other times because it is popular. The person who comments on the most posts will have the "privilege" of having a character in my next book named after  him or her. One of the blogs will also be giving a way a copy of Bears With Us to a random blogger.

This will be a long tour beginning September 2nd and going to September 30. Most Sundays will be free.

When the time draws closer, I'll post the schedule.

I'm also planning to in-person book launches at the end of September, one in Springville and one in Porterville. More about those later.

I've ordered business cards with the cover on one side and the information about the book on the other.
Of course I am open to all speaking engagements in Southern and Central California. You can email me at

One other thing I've done is ordered Car Magnets with my blog on it along with the address for this blog. I got the magnets here: Magnets on the Cheap

They came out great And it was an easy company to work with.



Sandy Cody said…
Sounds like you're covering all the bases, Marilyn. Good luck with the book.
Thank you, Samdu. We'll see how it results in readers buying it and liking it.
What a typo, of course I meant Sandy! Too early when I commented.

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