Some of What Was Going on at Our Reunion

I wanted to share more photos from our Mitchell Family Reunion.

 This is the annual pinochle game, played both nights. Girls against the boys, Grandaughter Melissa, Nephew, Doug, his wife, Diane, and Brandon, Melissa's son.
 Archie the Golden Retriever performing at the talent show for Dana, our eldest.

 4th or more cousins, Will and Garret, pretend fighting at the talent show.

 Hubby with youngest daughter Lori--doing what a lot of people did, checking her messages.

Estimation, clockwise, me, sister Margie, Rick, son-in-law, Lori, daughter, Aaron, great-grandson, Lisa, daughter, Genie, granddaughter.

 Talent show, great grand, Peyton, Irish dancing, boys watching from the wings, cousins Angelina and Kay'Lee who served as the masters of ceremony.

 Craft table, cousins busily making pillows.

 Me looking on with envy at Mark's iPad--sister in the corner and granddaughter kibitzing. Mark also told me about being chased by a bear in Aspen Colorado while on a ride-along with my grandson Gregg. The bear was in the high school and Mark got between in and the way out.

 Granddaughter Melissa, who pulled the whole reunion together and looks like she's falling apart. Her mom, Lisa, next to her.
 Peyton doing her Irish dancing--she's really good!

 My sis, Margie and her hubby, Piercy.

New found cousins, Will and Garrett, playing a game on a phone.

It was lots and lots of fun.



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