Clara's Wish by S. M. Senden

I became friends with this author at Mayhem in the Midlands--and am thrilled that S. M.'s book is now available!

 About the Clara's Wish:
A little romance, prophetic dreams with spectral apparitions and a touch of murder.  

Silence hangs in the air; a valuable diamond ring, taken from the 

skeletonized hand of a corpse, lays untouched on the Sheriff’s 

desk.  Bergin Halverson wrestles with the ghosts of his past, and 

his fears that have kept him silent for decades.  He recognizes that 
the truth, which only he knows, must eventually be told so that the 

ghosts of his past may finally be put to rest. 

In a voice barely audible Bergin Halverson relates that it all began 

with the wish of a pretty young woman back in December of 


He says her name, almost as if it were a caress; Clara Lindgren.

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I love a good mystery and this one is an outstanding read. It will keep you spell bound and wanting to keep reading! That is what I look for in a great book. When I don't want to put it down and I just have to spend every free minute reading the story to unfold more and more, I know I have found a winner. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a riveting story of a dark past unfolding bit by bit. Then just when you think you have it, you don't. A punch in the end will have you saying "WOW, NOW I WOULD NEVER HAVE FIGURED THAT OUT!" --Susan Kata

If I pick up a book and finish it within 24 hours that only means the book is fantastic and I could not put it down. YES, I finished it and LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT. --S. Henning

 It is riveting.  --H. Tottier

What Carolyn Major had to say about Clara's Wish ~

Your book is awesome, just finished it.  I really liked it, started this morning and didn't put down til just now when I finished it. Really keeps you wanting to read more. Thanks again!!!

And here's a bit of a taste of Clara's Wish:
December 1923 
Clara Lindgren stood at the edge of the desolate field as the chilly December wind whipped about her.  The fields were barren now; winter had come to the land.  The broken corn stalks, once so full of potential, lay scattered in the fields, the wind tossing them about as it played in the ruins of the harvest. 
She felt that the land was a metaphor for her life, barren, and the springtime of her days were far behind her.  She shivered against the cold that penetrated her thick, woolen sweater as she thought about her life. 
She was twenty-three now and feared that she was doomed to spend her years as a spinster, to live as a maiden aunt and help raise one of her siblings’ children if one of them would be kind enough to take her in under their roof.  Clara would cook, clean and do all the menial chores of a servant in exchange for her room and board.
It wasn’t how she had wanted her life to turn out.  Clara still held onto the tattered hopes that someday she would meet that someone special.  But that dream faded more and more with each passing season.  Life was passing her by, and she didn’t know if there was anything she could do to change it.    


The inspiration for Clara's Wish came from some old newspaper 

stories about a missing girl, her father's persistence to get the law to 

search for her, and what happened when they found her.  It was a 

compelling story that would not let me forget.  I sat down to write 

the story, and it blossomed rapidly.  I always like to look at old 

stories for inspiration.  I love history and do copious research on an 

era to get things right.  Too often writers take an era and plop 

modern people into them, and for me that does not work.  Each era 

has its aura, a special undercurrent that makes that decade special, 

especially to those who lived it, for it formed them in so many 


 Author Biography

S. M. Senden was raised in Winnetka, a north shore suburb of Chicago.  From an early age reading and writing were passions as was travel.  Senden has studied, lived and worked in the USA, Europe, the Mid-East and Africa, spending a number of years as an archaeological illustrator for various expeditions.  S. M. Senden earned a Masters Degree and has studied creative writing, play writing and screenwriting. 

Publications include: Two history books, Red Oak and Montgomery County, Iowa published by Arcadia in the Images of America series.  Short Stories: The December Bride in Winter Wonders an anthology published by Whimsical Publications, and Christopher’s Egg in the anthology Change is in the Wind published by Second Wind.  Articles and mediations in both The Clergy Journal and The Word in Season and a number of ghost stories in various magazines. 

S. M. Senden currently resides in the greater Omaha metro area and is working on another historical mystery Lethal Boundaries, as well as a modern day series involving forensic artist, Dr. Kate Ashton.  


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