On the Road Again

Once again, my daughter Lisa and I headed off on an adventure. She's the driver and I'm the co-pilot. We've gone to Southern California to visit my eldest daughter, Dana, and her hubby. We're going to see their new home for the first time and while we're there we'll be visiting my grandkids, Genie and Patrick and their families--which include 5 of my great grandkids.

Dana and Mike

One thing about when Lisa and I go on trips, I don't have to worry about the driving, Lisa was once a school bus driver. She worked in a big city for awhile and after she moved, she drove a big yellow bus on narrow mountain roads.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone.

Grandaughter Genie, her hubby, Mark, and Peyton and Garrett.

Grandson Patrick and his wife, Lucy.

Patrick and Ethan
Emily throwing discus
Olivia with her grandparents
 I hope to get some photos while I'm down there because these kids have all really grown.


We also got to see son Matthew '@ the rehab too.

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