Happy Birthday, Lisa!

l-r, Peyton, Genie, me, Dana and Lisa
Happy Birthday to my 2nd oldest daughter, Lisa.  This birthday is easy to remember, since it's the day before the 4th of July.

Lisa is now a mom to two lovely young women and the grandmother to five grandchildren. She's married to our pastor--of course we've know him since they were in high school together and back when we'd never have guessed he'd end up being a minister.

Looking back, I can remember quite vividly the early morning she was born. She was the only one of my children born in a Navy dispensary--it was on the Port Hueneme Seabee base. At the time we lived in half of a quonset hut in Navy housing.

She is the only one of our children who is blonde. (We have had various shades of brown and one redhead.)

Lisa has been a delight to us and now as an adult she has become a great helper. We no longer drive at night in faraway places, nor do we drive on the Southern California freeways, and she has become our driver when we want to go somewhere faraway. She has also become our housekeeper.

We enjoy her company too which is great because she lives really close to us.

I chose that photo because it is one of the most recent ones--and the last time she served as our driver. We all went to eldest daughter Dana's house and had a great time with her kids and grandkids.

Happy Birthday again.

Mom--Marilyn Meredith


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