Saturday's PSWA Conference

We began with a most interesting presentation about Murder, Mystery and Sex from the beginning of time by Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily--yep that's how it got started.

Our next topi was Homeland Security with the question, How Secure Are We? With representatives from many areas of law enforcement including police, FBI, the equivilant of NCIS but Air Force, and Airport Security, the short answer to the question is: Not very secure at all.

From  there we went to a writing related subject, What's the Difference Between Writing a Short Story and a Novel? And we learned from some excellent short story writers who also write long.

Our keynotter for today was Patricia Fry who gave us some great tips for promoting our books, including the10 Best Book Promotion Ideas.

We next learend some tips about designing book covers and book trailers.

Susan Connell Vondrak is  forensic scientist and she gave us a glimpse into the mysteries of DNA. And folks, you'd be surprised what lengths these scientist go to find DNA evidence.

Our last panel was on the non-professional sleuth which was funs and interesting to learn which panelists had something in common with the sleuth in their books.

Hubby and I went to dinner with my publisher and Susan Vondrak--good food and excellent company. A super day.

Tomorrow I have a guest on this blog so will write about what hapens on Facebook.



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