Eeek, Shriek, A report on the last few days

Anyone who has been reading my Facebook posts knows that I've had quite a week and few days.

My computer crashed. I received what I thought was a message from Microsoft telling me I needed to upgrade. When I downloaded the "upgrade" that was the end of my computer.

I was leaving for Wordstock in Portland the next day and had no time to do anything. I asked my son to take it in to the shop for me which he did. And I met my publisher and fellow traveler and we began our road trip.

I've been on a blog tour for my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery and needed to check in with the blogs, promote them, and respond to comments. I relied on my iPad to do it all. There were more problems, some folks didn't get the posts up on their blogs and I had to remind them, one post disappeared into cyber space, but for the most part I've been struggling along.

I had visitors scheduled to appear on this blog, but I had no way to put their photo and bookcover up--because I don't know how on this little gadget. I'll schedule them once I have my computer back.

Wordstock was fun--traveling was exhausting, though I enjoyed visiting with my publisher.

Yesterday the service man brought my computer back, hooked it up, began doing things like reinstalling my printers and programs.  He ran into some problems and decided to work remotely and is doing that today too. I can watch what he's doing--fascinating.

Oh, and I also have some jobs I need to do for people but need my Word to do that, so hopefully all this will be restored soon.

And thats why I say, "Eeek, Shriek.



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