My Baby Boy Turns Fifty!

Matthew was definitely a surprise. #5 in our big family.

I definitely remember the day he was born. It was a Friday and I was the chairperson of the Camp Fire Grand Council Fire, quite an important event. However, since the birth of my child (had no idea what the sex would be--no way to find out back in the day) was past the due date, I had a friend picked out to be my back-up, just in case.

In the early afternoon, I checked out the venue for the big Camp Fire event and stopped at a friend's on the way home. While there, my water broke--embarrassing. Drove home, called hubby, when kids got home made arrangements a sitter. Went to hospital, delivery went smoothly, surprise, another boy. During delivery I told the doc what I was supposed to be doing. Since he'd given permission for me to take my Camp Fire group on a camping trip 2 weeks before, he said, "Sorry, you're not getting up off this table to go." (I didn't want to.)

The next day, my friend came to the hospital to tell me that the Council Fire went well.

Some of Matthew's school pictures.

Matt and his boys.

Matt and his daughter, Jessica.

Nathan, Jessica and Nick

Daughter Jessica and his wife, Elaina, planned a surprise 50th birthday party. No one thought it could be pulled off. But he was very surprised!

Matt's Birthday cake.

Matt with grandkids Aleena and Julius

Matt's granddaughter Kay'lee, Matt, Aleena and wife, Elaina


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