Today is My Birthday! One of Many!

I planned to ignore my birthday as much as possible--but since I didn't have a new post for my blog, thought I'd do a bit of reminiscing about my prior birthdays.

When I was a kid, mom did a great job of planning birthday parties, even with a theme of some sort. Since my childhood was a loooooong time ago, the themes were nothing like they are today, but she did a fantastic job.

When I was five, she planned a fairy birthday party, and I was the queen. I wore the long dress I'd worn for my auntie's wedding and had a crown and scepter. I know the little girl guests all got crowns too. Because I had boy cousins, we had another celebration at a nearby park that they were invited to.

Another I remember was when I was a bit older, with a Mexican theme, and we celebrated on our patio--which was later turned into a room. I suspect that might have been when I was 9 or 10.

One teen party, with many best friends from school, we traveled to Chinatown on the streetcar.

I'm not good with surprises and when I turned 60, hubby and my sis planned a surprise at her house. I argued against going there because I had planned to do something else. My writer friends attended and it turned out to be a great party.

Last year when I turned 80 we traveled to Camarillo and had a fun low-key weekend celebration with all three of our girls, Dana, Lisa, and Lori. We cruised Ventura harbor, had some fantastic meals out and at Lori's, just a really fun time. I loved it.

Notice it's a chocolate cake.

Daughter-in-law made me a chocolate cake yesterday and it was perfect.

Many wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook--makes one feel special. Also it's fun to see all those I share this birthday with, among them, good friend, Lorna Collins, and the great mystery writer, Gary Phillips.

So another one down--and before I leave, I must say I've had a most blessed life.


Marja said…
Marilyn, Happy Birthday! You've had some wonderful birthdays and I hope you have many more!!
Marja McGraw

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