Good Writing is Rewriting

This was another panel topic at the PSWA Conference this year.

On the panel were Eileen Magill, Bob Doerr,  Scott Decker, Michael Brandt, and Sam Bradley. Marilyn Olsen moderatied.

  • Get everything out first--then do the rewrite.
  • Different author do things their own ways, some editing as they write.
  • Discussed who else might be involved in the rewrite:
An editor, critique group, readers.
  • Be careful who you use as an editor.
  • Don't over analyze.
  • One writer sees the story in his mind, then blazes his wayt though the story.
  • Need to make it clear for the reader.
  • Be sure to incorporate dialogue.
  • Be careful not to rearrange chapters ot that big clues come to soon.

What to avoid when rewiring.

  • Don't fall in love with the first draft.
  • Don't keep rewriting the first three chapters.
There was more, but that's all I managed to catch in my notes.


margaret mendel said…
Good and exact advise!! Writers don't need long paragraphs to remind them to keep at it. I'm starting to live by the saying, 'keep calm and get it done'. Thanks for the abbreviated discussion.
It was a good panel. Thanks for commenting, Margaret!

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