Five Books for Christmas Giving

For Marilyn’s readers who like reading about small town California cops, Payback is another look at about small town cops in Central California. Sierra Mountain Village is a fictional town where things out of the ordinary happen. The mayor is beheaded, linking a hotshot Bakersfield Sheriff’s detective with a prickly village patrol officer in an unlikely murder investigation.  Reviewers say it is laugh out loud funny. Here’s where you can buy Payback for an exciting way to escape the election and Holiday preparations. 

Blanket of Miracles would  make the perfect Christmas gift for a child.  Books are gifts that keep on giving, and sharing a special book with a child gives twice, to the adult and the child.  Blanket of Miracles is about family, tradition, sharing history, and most of all love.  The special blanket has wrapped several generations of family in its warmth.  Liv feels the love in the blanket, and even though the blanket is old and tattered, age has not destroyed the love woven into this Blanket of Miracles.  It is bi-lingual, multi-cultural, intergenerational, and beautifully illustrated

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I have written twelve books, and of course, I believe all of them would be great Christmas gifts. My latest would be especially appropriate for several groups. If your list includes any students who are studying the missions, this provides great background on Mission San Juan Capistrano. History buffs will enjoy the short history of the mission as well as the surrounding town. Art lovers will enjoy the beautiful paintings of Robert L. Schwenck. This makes a nice, small coffee table book or just a pleasant and fast read. It’s available as an ebook in color, too.

Lorna Collins
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The Year Without Christmas, is the perfect gift for Christmas. It addresses several contemporary topics--police shootings, PTSD, serious illness, and homelessness. And in the true spirit of Christmas, ends with faith and hope as its theme and lesson.

John M. Wills
Award-winning Author / Freelance Writer

Fallen From Grace, first of the Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman series, would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves a clean mystery with a bit of humor.


Sylvester Tilghman is the third in his family to serve as sheriff in the small town of Arahpot, a generally peaceful place as the 19th century winds to a close. His biggest problems are lack of a deputy and the refusal of Lydia, his girlfriend, to marry him despite many proposals.

When Conrad Runkle, a stranger in town, is fatally stabbed, Tilghman recalls Valentine Deibert, an obese man with a wife half his age, had reacted with obvious fear in a recent encounter with the stabbing victim. When questioned, Deibert denies knowing or fearing the victim.

Runkle’s wife arrives in Arahpot and informs Tilghman her husband was in pursuit of a man who had scammed him, bankrupting his business. Suspecting a connection, Sylvester pays another visit to Deibert only to discover him dead of arsenic poisoning. Sylvester is plunged into a flurry of unusual activity and danger. And Lydia is pushing her obnoxious cousin on him as a candidate for deputy. Things continue going from bad to worse until Sylvester finally unravels the mystery.

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Amy Bennett said…
Made my Christmas gift-giving easier... and my "to-read" list longer! Thanks, Marilyn!
Nothing better than giving books for the holidays. Or birthdays. Or anytime!
Jacqueline Vick said…
I love funny, so I just bought Mar Preston's book. Thanks for the recommendations!
GBPool said…
What a great way to get some ideas for my reading list. Thanks for posting the books and the blurbs.
Jackie Houchin said…
I gave Hound Abound to a friend who owns and pampers two doxies. She loves it!
Jackie Houchin said…
Me too Jackie Vick. The humor aspect tickled my curiosity.

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