Reunion by Carl Brookins, a review

How many of us have had mixed emotions about attending our high school class reunions? What if you went against your better judgment and during the first event one of your old classmates was found murdered?

That’s what happens in Carl Brookins Reunion. Lori Jacobs receives an invitation to her high school reunion and convinces here significant other, Jack Marston to accompany her on this visit to her hometown of Riverview. Like with many reunions, Lori is warmly welcomed back by some with others not quite as friendly.

After the body of one of Lori’s classmates is discovered during the first event of the reunion, the local law enforcement recruits Jack to help out with the investigation since he’d once served as an investigator in the Navy. Neither Jack nor Lori were enthusiastic about his recruitment. And the more involved they became it was soon obvious the town’s people weren’t happy about it either.

Inevitably, the more Jack and Lori learned, they realized that along with other class members, they were now in danger too. The small town of Riverdale has an undercurrent of secrets, lies, dirty dealings.

Reunion has plenty of actions, plot twists and surprises to keep the reader turning pages. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’ve read and enjoyed other books by Brookins and this is one of my favorites.

(Before he became a mystery writer, Carl Brookins was a counselor and faculty member at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He and his wife are recreational sailors.  He also write the sailing adventure series featuring Michael Tanner and Mary Whitney,Old Silver, and a private investigator series featuring Sean Sean, a short P.I.,The Case of the Greed Lawyers.

When I still attended mystery cons and in particular, Mayhem in the Midlands, I ran into Carl quite often. He was articulate on panels and a generous conversationalist.)

Marilyn Meredith


Carl Brookins'is an outstanding writer so I wasn't surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this novel.
carl brookins said… generous!
thanks a bunch, MM!
It was a fun and compelling mystery!

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