Using Writing Prompts

At the Tulare Kings Writers meeting we were given a fun challenge.

From one bowl we randomly chose a character, bowl 2, a setting, bowl 3, a conflict. 

Mine turned out to be a Yale History Professor, A Lost City in the Sahara Desert, and the mysterious disappearance of a wife. That was an easy one for me--I quickly wrote a synopsis. Something I never do when planning a mystery.

Most of the others tried to actually write a complete short story. There really wasn't enough time for that, but everyone did a great job.

The funniest 3 choices were: A Circus Clown, a Pub, and an Alien.

One that wasn't done, but would have been fun was: A Homeless Person, A Cathedral, and the Loss of a Fortune.

This is a small writing group but anyone interested is welcome. We meet in the big library in Visalia on Oak Street, the 3rd Saturday of the month a 10 a.m. We will not have a meeting in February because it's a holiday and the library is closed. We will meet in March.

I truly enjoy these writers with different writing interests, from writing about herbs, poetry, fiction based on true stories, historical fiction, romance, natural plants, short stories,and another mystery writer. We've had many different speakers about writing, promotion, and other topics.



Thonie Hevron said…
Sounds like a fun exercise.

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