Instead of Writing, I was.

On vacation. 5 days with my eldest daughter, Dana, and her family.

Though we got off in the time we planned, a huge wreck on 99 in Bakersfield meant we either had to wait for it to be cleared or get off at the nearest exit (took a long time to get there) and drive until we found a on ramp where the traffic was moving. We did. Finally we were on the road again. 

Once we got on 58 and headed toward Tehachapi things moved along, but when we hit San Bernardino, the traffic got bad. When we finally headed into Murrieta, we were starving. So we stopped ate a great Mexican restaurant, called daughter and she and hubby joined us for lunch.

We visited with both grandkids and their families, went to the movies, ate lots of good food.

One of the really fun things we did with the "girls" was visiting the Escape Room, Get a Clue in Temecula.

We worked real hard, but we only got about 30% through the clues--mainly because we were thrown off by a false clue--and we got a slow start. It was great fun though. If you've never done one you should get a group together and try it.

We also played games, Mexican Train for one with 8 of us, and a much sillier game with only four and we sure did laugh

Best of all, we got to see everyone and catch up on their exciting lives.

We are so blessed that our daughter and her husband is willing to host us for 5 days.

Now it's time to get back to work.

Dana, great grand Peyton, me, and granddaughter, Genie.

Daughters Lisa and Dana, me, great grands Emily and Peyton, grand, Genie! We had so much fun together. 


Thonie Hevron said…
Even on vacation, you're solving mysteries! Glad you got some time off.
I had so much fun! Thanks for commenting, Thonie!

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