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Murder at the Bus Depot is the latest of the Blue Place Café Mysteries, by Judy Alter. In this delightful offering, Kate Chambers is still whipping up delicious comfort food in her small diner for the citizens of Wheeler, and an occasional visitor or two.

One of these occasional visitors is Silas Fletcher, a Dallas developer who swoops into town with unwelcome ideas on how to revitalize the town. One of the worst being, spotlighting the abandoned bus depot, the site of a gruesome murder thirty years earlier. The murder was never solved, though the townspeople have several ideas about who was responsible.

Though Kate likes the idea of having a festival and starts planning for one, another murder at the depot stalls everything. With the help of the new minister’s wife, she decides the only way to help the town is to solve the murders.

Of course, there are plenty of suspects among the many unique characters who live in Wheeler, with the most prominent being the first murder victim’s sister. Her behavior after the second murder makes her look guilty enough to be arrested.

There are plenty of clues for Kate and the reader to follow, and a most satisfactory ending.

A big plus at the end are some recipes with easy to follow directions.

For anyone who enjoys a classic cozy mystery with descriptions of delicious food,  I highly recommend Murder at the Bus Depot.
--Marilyn Meredith

 Bio: Judy Alter is the author of four books in the Blue Plate Cafe' Mysteries, as well as sxi books in the Kelly O'Connell Mysteries. 

Other books in the series:

Murder at the Blue Plate Cafe
Murder at the Tremont House
Murder at the Peacock Mansion


Judy Alter said…
Thanks very much for your kind words, Marilyn. "Classic cozy" is high praise coming from you.

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