The Inspiration for the Two Main Characters in Bad Tidings

Often, the characters in my books are based on people I know or have known, but usually unrecognizable by anyone. However, in Bad Tidings the two main characters are based on people I knew very well.

Detective Gilbreath, called the "Old Hound Dog" behind his back, was loosely based on a good friend whose wife dubbed him with the same name. It was because of all of the sagging wrinkles on his face--which probably came about because he was the truant officer at the high school where my kids attended. Long, long ago, of course.

I only used my friend's looks, not his personality.

An Gilbreath's wife is based on the wife of my friends--not in looks at all, but I borrowed her personality and some of the happenings in her life.

Both this people passed away long before this book was written, but it was fun basing these two characters on people who were important in my life a long time ago.

As for the plot itself, it came from many places, things that happened with the police officers who were my neighbors, and some real crimes that were reported in the newspaper and of course changed to fit the plot. 

I always borrowed liberally from things that my police officer son-in-law told me about. 


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