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I’m Avery Daniels, author of the Resort to Murder mystery series.  My amateur sleuth, Julienne, works in a luxury resort and the plan is to have each book based in or around a resort.  When I was developing the idea for my cozy mystery series, I thought writing about resorts would be fun for both myself as the writer and for the readers. 

Perhaps some will remember the old television series “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” which lasted eleven seasons and fed our thirst for living vicariously through the lives of those who live extravagantly.  That was my initial thought with Resort to Murder series, providing a vicarious thrill at various resorts in each book.  I knew I would love such a concept myself and crossed my fingers that others felt the same way.

Friends would jokingly say the research was why I picked the theme for the books, but I had no idea what all was involved with resorts.  I ended up getting a textbook on Resort Management.  Then I realized there were many classifications of resort types, which added to the research equation before ever traveling to a single resort.

For many of us, we immediately think of a tropical beach or island location when you say the word Resort.  Oh no, there are many more types that can even have a combination of the classifications in one resort.  Here is a quick listing of the types or classifications of resorts around the world to consider:  Beach Resorts, Golf Resorts, Island Resorts, Luxury Resorts, Lake, Mountain, Ski, Spa, Pet-Friendly, Theme Park, Historical, Dude Ranch, Singles, Couples, Adult-Only, Family, Eco-Tourism, Clothing-Optional, Casino and All Inclusive Resorts.

The primary home-base resort that Julienne works at is a combination of luxury, mountain, historical, and golf resort.  I loosely based the Colorado Springs Resort of the series on The Broadmoor Resort ( for the first and third books so far.  Incidentally, the Broadmoor is celebrating it’s 100th year of business this year. The second book was a luxury, ski, and mountain resort in Vail loosely based on the Sonnenalp  ( 

For the fourth book, that I am gathering ideas for even as I write the third book, I am considering locating the story at an Eco-Tourism Resort.   What is that you ask?  Well, it is an environmentally friendly resort that may incorporate a combination of the following: renewable energy sources, recycling, eco-friendly toiletries, energy efficient lighting and heating, water conservation program, perhaps organic linens and towels, locally sourced food, possibly provide activities in nature to educate guests on local plants, animals, and even indigenous culture to appreciate local customs. 

Eco-tourism resorts have become more and more popular over the decades and there are some quite luxurious resorts that are equally environmentally conscientious.  More people specifically look for Eco-friendly accomodations when planning vacations now.  Eco-lodges are a little more rustic and will provide activities more centered on getting into nature.  There is as just one of many sites to find Eco-tourism resorts anywhere you are planning to travel.

Avery Daniels

I look forward to writing about all the different Resort types to share with readers.  What is your favorite type of resort from those listed?  Would you consider an Eco-tourism resort or lodge?

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This sounds like a delightful series.

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