Report on the PSWA Writers Conference

This will be an overview.

This was a fantastic conference all the way around.

It began with a pre-conference workshop. These are always small so we can really spend some time with folks, especially those who sent in page from work in progress to be critiqued. We had presentations on description (my topic), plotting etc.,by Mike Black, and more on writing by Mar Preston.

Registration began at 3 and I like to be there and greet all those who come. So fun to meet new people and see old friends.

The reception followed.

Friday began with an excellent presentation by Mike Brandt who spoke about developing your character. A panel on weapons followed with experts who use them and collect them.

Romancing the scene came next, a panel of authors.

J.L. Greger and Gloria Casale did an excellent job telling us about poisons.

A panel of those who write nonfiction gave some tips on exploring the non-fiction marketplace. 

And a panel everyone loves about Cops--Military, Municipal and Federal and how they're depicted on TV--and yes we had FBI, military, and police folks sharing.

Susan Tuttle, Mar Preston and I pointed out a few things about Point of View. 

Yes, that was all in one day.

Saturday morning began with an excellent presentation by Susan Tuttle on the Art of Self-Editing. Invaluable information.

Three publishers and an author shoe self-publishers were on the Publisher's Panel followed by a meet and greet for those who wanted to speak with the publishers.

Probably the most heart-wrenching presentation was a First Hand Look at the Las Vegas Shooting Incident. Fire Fighter Anthony Rabone attended the concert with his girlfriend, brother and friend. Retired police officer, Keith Bettinger, told about the aftermath of feeding and hydrating the many crime scene investigators.

The next panel was about fighting fires with Anthony Rabone, Michelle Perin, Robert Hair, and Mar Preston.

I chaired a panel on Managing a Critique group--interesting as 3 people loved critique groups and 3 hated them.

A panel on shootouts followed--with those who had experienced them.

The day ended with an old-time Ellery Queen radio show with volunteers from the group.

Sunday began with a panel on When Nice Characters Do Bad Things.

Next was a panel on testifying in court: Interesting with a Defense Lawyer and police officers.

The last pane was about beginning and endings.

After lunch was the awards ceremony and our goodbyes.

More information will follow on the next blogs. 



Maggie King said…
I definitely need to attend this conference.
Thonie Hevron said…
This conference is the best value for a writer's stretched budget. This year's was the best ever!
Yep, Maggie, it's a good one.

And Thonie, I agree, moneywise it's the beat investment.

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