And Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

                                                                  Our wedding day, October 24, 1951

Yes, it's one birthday after another around here.

I'm sure my dear hubby never thought he'd make it to 88--but that's where he is today. His dad died at a young age, though some of his uncles lived well into their 80s.

He's lived a full life--growing up in the small town of Cambridge MD, raised by a grandmother and two aunts when his mother died. He went into the US Navy at 18, became a Seabee and served for 20 years. During that time he married me, fathered our 5 kids, traveled to many places around the country and the world to serve his country: Virginia, Rhode Island, Port Hueneme, Spain, Cuba, Bermuda, Alaska, and did three tours in Vietnam during the war. 

After his retirement from the Seabees, he worked for Sears for 15 years. We moved to Springville and together owned and operated a residential care home for more than 20 years. Now, finally retired, we are enjoying visits with our kids, grandkids, great grands, and two great, greats with two more on the way.

We've been married for 67 years on October 24th. Like I told someone the other day, it hasn't been easy--we've both had to work hard at times. 

But I'm happy that I married the cute sailor I met on a blind date all those many years ago.

Happy Birthday, Hap!



Maggie King said…
You're both very fortunate. Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
Such a sweet sketch of your husband's life, and your life together! Happy birthday, Hap!
Thonie Hevron said…
Dang, you're both cute! Happy, happy, Hap!
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