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On Starting a New Book

Yep, that's what I'm doing, beginning another Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. I have the plot idea--not all of it, of course, but pretty much know where I'm going. It's the getting there that's going to be difficult.

For one thing, I'm still putting a lot of effort into promoting Judgment Fire. I'm going to a Sisters in Crime meeting Saturday with books, another book festival the following weekend. Then I'm off to Tampa FL for the WOW conference. I no sooner get home, then I have to pack a whole different bunch of clothes because I'll be a week in Alaska at Bouchercon.

Do you think I'll be able to squeeze in much writing? Nope, neither do I.

Other things crop up too--like writing jobs that pay money. When they come along I have to take them because they pay for the expenses of the trips.

And really, I do have a life. I cook meals for my family which I like to do, most of the time--unless I'm really under pressure. Fortunately, my daughter-in-law …

My Interesting Week

I suppose the most challenging event to arise is Mystery Writers of American's decision to approve and disapprove publishers based on the number of books printed on a print run, advance, author not spending anything to be published. Because a lot of publishers are now using print-on-demand technology to print books (including some New York publishers) they wait to print books when orders come in. This is ecologically sound, but something MWA doesn't approve of. MWA certainly can make up whatever rules they so desire--but as a member of MWA I sure didn't have any input into these new rules.

My publisher is not approved, though Mundania has been trying hard to convince MWA they should be approved. They don't charge authors anything--they don't give an advance, but they do have a sound royalty system.

I'm a MWA member and have been for years and that won't change as long as I pay my dues.

The problem is now some of the mystery cons have decided that only those au…

A Visit with Karina Fabian, Author of Infinite Space, Infinite God

I was honored to spend a little time with Karina to talk about her latest book and a little bit about her and her writing habits. Here is what she had to say.

Marilyn: Tell me all about your book and how you came to write it.

Karina: Infinite Space, Infinite God is thought-provoking sci-fi with a Catholic twist.
The 15 stories cover the gamut of future science, from genetic engineering to asteroid mining to interstellar travel. They span the topics of sci-fi: time travel, space opera, dystopia, psychological thrillers and sci-fi mystery. Finally, they examine the Catholic world view in the challenges of the future, from evangelizing to aliens to determining the soul-status of artificially created humanoids, to religious orders and even saintly miracles.
It won the EPPIE award for best electronically published science fiction of 2006 and is coming out in print August 15 from Twilight Times Books.

My husband, Rob, and I are long-time science fiction fans and faith…

Judgment Fire/My Own Virtual Book Tour

Judgment Fire is now available. If you go to my website: http://fictionforyou and purchase through the Buy Now button you'll receive a 10% discount from the publisher.

I've been hosting authors on my blog and I'm also on a Virtual Book Tour. Here's where I'll be in the next few days:

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The Making of Silenced Cry

Marilyn is asking author Marta Stephens about her newest book.

Tell me about your latest book.

Silenced Cry is the story of a young narcotics detective, Sam Harper. He and his partner, Gillies, are on surveillance of a drug supplier who had eluded capture. It quickly becomes evident that Gillies is intentionally muddying up the facts. Key points don’t add up and makes Harper believe Gillies is involved in illegal activities. His partner is shot and killed during the surveillance. When questions surrounding his partner’s death go unanswered, Harper suspects a cover up.

Harper is transferred into homicide and given a new partner, Dave Mann. Their first case takes them to the Harbor View Apartments, a building marked for demolition, where workers discover the skeletal remains of an infant entombed in one of the walls. The investigation into the infant’s murder opens the floodgates of questions when the suspects in the Baby Doe case all tie back to Gillies. Evidence mounds as quickly as the …

My Virtual Book Tour

I'll be hosting more authors on their virtual book tours this month. While I'm doing that I'll also be on my own tour. Here's the schedule:

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