Mayhem and Ghost Stories, by Patricia Crandall, published by The Troy Book Makers is available at Independent Bookstores and on “Mystery stories are meant to thrill and entice you the reader while engaging your thought process to see if you can figure out who has committed the evil deed. I invite you to such a challenge, one I’m sure is worthy of your ability and interest, to solve the crimes before the end of the various stories. Murder, Mayhem and Ghost Stories is a series of short and very short stories about murder, mayhem and ghostly happenings that I have successfully written and published over the years. Most were for a particular magazine requiring a specific number of words, e.g., 100 to 2000 words. The book is divided into categories and there is one very special story written by my Granddaughter, Nicole St. Onge, No Guts, No Gory, which will satisfy your mysterious needs.      Writing and publishing these stories have been my enthusiastic path to writing many

FRINGE BENEFITS, #3 in the RBPD serie

FRINGE BENEFITS is about a bad cop--but it is also the first time we meet reader's favorite, Gordon Butler. Some of the other officers we've met in the first two books make appearances too.  Review on Amazon: The main story in this book is about Cal Slyvester, an officer on the Rocky Bluff Police Department. He is attracted to a fellow officer's wife and begins plotting the demise of his own wife in order to collect the insurance. But this book is so much more. We see what is happening in the lives of the other police officers and also in the lives of some of the Rocky Bluff citizens. There is a Wednesday rapist, break-ins around the area where nothing much is taken, an accidental police shooting, a run-away whose parents don't even care enough to report him missing, and preferential treatment of certain citizens. The author takes all these threads and weaves them together into a tightly woven plot that will keep you guessing. I loved this book and look forward to more

BAD TIDINGS, 2nd book in the RBPD series

This book also has had 4 publishers, and the final edition was re-edited.  Some of the characters from the first book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series appear in BAD TIDINGS, but the main character is Lt. Gilbreath. He often has to deliver bad news to relatives of accident or muder victims Gilbreath and his wife were inspired by a couple of our friends. He was the vice-principal at the highschool my kids attended, and I spent a lot of time with his wife. A warning: this book has some rather dark places in it. The mysteries came from actual happenings (fictionalized, of course) I either heard about or read about in the newspaper. I wrote this series as F.M. Meredith. To buy: Marilyn


While trying to find a thank-you card, I found notes I'd written for a speech I gave about my writing.  The notes began with the first book I wrote--TWO WAYS WEST--an historical family saga based on my father's side of the family. It followed two families making their west in totally different ways.  I found a small publisher and was happy with the way the book turned out, but never received any royalties.  All thewhile I kept writing, encouraging other writers, and teaching writing. I wrote another historical family saga about my mother's family coming to California, and it was publixhed by a New York publisher. It has had two differnt covers, and 3 publishers. While I still lived in Oxnard I wrote a police procedural based on what my cop son-in-law told me about what happened each night on the job. He also took me on a ride-along. Soon I'd written three more in the series. I had an agent, but editors said: "Too hard boiled," and "Not hard boiled enough.


I enjoy offering a free book and then watching how many download it. I used about three sites that advertise free books (they service is not free to the author), and I know the downloads went way up on the day that I'd selected for FUSSY LIBRARIAN to advertise--but they really jumped ahead on my birthday--have no knowledge why. One good thing that happens when a lot of books are downloaded is the number goes down for how the book is categorized--in this case it was cozies and female detectives On the last day the download total was 2,609--a goodly number. And, two of the next book in the series, DEADLY OMEN, had been purchased. Of course the whole idea of giving a free book away in a series is the hope that it will be read and liked and the reader will want to continue and read the next book.  One thing I noticed was some books in my other series had been purchased. This is always an interesting thing to do. Thank  you to everyone who downloaded a copy of DEADLY TRAIL   Marilyn

Today is My Birthday--Last Day for Free E-Book

This is a BIG brithday--I've managed to be on this earth for 90 years.  To celebrate, I'm offering the first in the Tempe Crabtree mystery series on Kindle, free. This is the last day. When this book first came out it had a totally different cover, ine that didn't match the covers on the rest of the series.  Larry Collins did a great job creating this one that does have the same Indian feel as the other covers. My hope, of course, is you will read and like DEADLY TRAIL and want to continue with the series. To get your free book go here: Enjoy, Marilyn


This first book in the Tempe Crabtree mystery series is the beginning of Tempe's and Nick Two John's unique friendship. Though Tempe is from the Bear Creek tribe, she didn't grow up on the reservation and doesn't know much about her heritage. Throughout the series Nick teaches her about her culture and much of the mysticism connected with it. The story begins with the clash of the Indians against the loggers in the Sierra, and Tempe must arrest Nick Two John. When the owner of the Inn is murdered, Nick is the main suspect. Tempe begins her own investigation of the murder which puts her in great danger. Do take advantage of DEADLY TRAIL being free and get started on the adventures of Deputy Tempe Crabtree. Marilyn Want to learn more about me?