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Blurb: The discovery of a skeleton, a welfare check on a senior citizen, and a wildfire challenge the Rocky Bluff P.D.
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Bio: Marilyn Meredith, who…

Scary Things #6

This one is about a hurricane.
At this time we had two daughters, Dana (3) and a  2  month old Lisa. I'd flown from L.A. to Maryland to meet my husband who was now stationed in Little Creek, VA.
Together, we drove down to Virginia while at the same time a hurricane was coming from the other direction. Hubby found a motel for us on Hampton Roads (which later we learned was the possible path of the hurricane.) He left to report into the base.
He didn't come back. (Later I learned because of the hurricane he was ordered to stay.)
Oh, my. I had no food for us to eat. I don't really remember all the details of that night, here is what I do remember.
The rain and wind got worse and worse.
I learned we, along with one maid and the manager, were the only ones in this motel. I had to get us something to eat. (I had formula and bottles for the baby but that was all.) The maid, who of course I didn't know) stayed with my little ones while I headed for a grocery store. I could har…

Scary Things #5

This is way back when I only had one child, our daughter, Dana. She was about two years old, and we lived with my parents because my husband was stationed elsewhere, don't remember where.

I worked at the phone company, for Ma Bell, and my mom babysat.
This was far scarier for my mom than me because I didn't know about what happened until it was all over.
The garbage man had taken the trash. So mom put Dana on the front porch which had a little gate on it so she couldn't get out, while merely taking the trash can around the side of the house to the back door. Not far at all. 
When she returned to the front porch, Dana was gone. The gate still latched.
Mom looked around to see if Dana somehow had managed to get out on her own, but she was no where to be seen. Mom immediately went inside the house and called the police who arrived quickly.
My mother was a devout Christian so I know she was praying for Dana's safety.
The police found Dana several miles away standing on a c…

Scary Thing 4

It was New Year's Eve and I had a living room full of kids in their pajamas..

My husband, a Sea Bee was in Vietnam so I offered to babysit all the neighborhood kids so their folks could go out and celebrate. It was like a giant slumber party.
We played games and ate goodies, including root beer floats. 
My youngest child, a toddler was asleep in his room, one that he shared. This was the biggest bedroom and it had a sliding glass door to the outside.
Most of the kids were settling down to sleep, so it had to be long after midnight, when my little one came into the living room.
"Mommy, there's a man in my room."
Oh, boy, here I was without a weapon and a house full of kids to protect. I did have a baseball bat in my bedroom, grabbed that and went marching down the hall, shouting, "Here I come, you better get out fast if your know what's good for you!"  (Much braver sounding than I felt.)
I got to the back bedroom just in time to see a man's leg disap…

In-Person Events for BONES IN THE ATTIC

October 12, 10 - 4, Great Valley Bookfest, Manteca CA

October 19, 10 - 4, Taste of the Arts, Visalia CA

October 21, 6 p.m. Porterville Public Library, Porterville CA

November 1 and 2, 10 - 4, Holiday Boutique, Porterville Art Gallery

November 9, 10-2, Springville Museum

Of course I'll have other books from both series with me.

I love doing in-person events. If you are in any of these areas on these dates, do come and see me.


Scary Things #3

This one happened while I was babysitting two little boys. I was probably around 12 at the time. I babysat for them often though I didn't like to at all.  They lived on the next street down from us and I got to and from on my own, no matter how late.  But the main reason I didn't like to go there was because of the room I had to be in as per the parents' instructions.

The so-called family room wasn't a happy place to be, though it was the only room with a TV--black and white in those days.
It had a built-in bed/sofa that was the only place to sit. Hanging above it was a collection of shrunken heads--yes, real shrunken heads. Where they got them I have no idea, but the father was extremely proud of them.
On this particular night, after making sure the boys were sound asleep, I retreated to the room and watched TV. I must've dozed off. When I woke, I checked on the boys again and they were gone! The beds empty.
Panicked, I called home and told my mom. She said to cal…

Great Valley Bookfest

I will be here with my books!