Weddings, weddings, weddings

As an explanation, we never had much money and we had five kids, and sometimes other kids lived with us. We seemed to always have people who dropped in right at dinner time and the food had to stretch. When our first daughter wanted to get married before her husband had to go off to the Army, we worked really hard to plan her wedding. She picked out a pattern and bought beautiful satin and lace for her wedding dress. I cut out the material and she made her dress and did a beautiful job. She decided the theme would be daisies, and found some great material for the maid of honor, flower girl, and bridesmaids dresses--she made most of those too. The maid of honor made her own.  Dana and he maid of honor, Elainr Daisies, from the neighbor's yards, carried in basket were the flowers. Wedding was in the Port Hueneme Seabee base chapel.  We had the reception at our house and I prepared all the food, with the wedding cake baked by a neighbor. Next came daughter Lisa's wedding which was

Bears With Us--Again!

To buy: The Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery,  Bears with Us,  was inspired by a couple of bear visits to our area.  Plus, I got some interesting information about bears habits who hang out where humans live from my police officer grandson who dealt with bears when he worked in Aspen Colorado.  Because of the recent fire in the Sequoia National Forest that is above where we live, bears have come down into Springville where we live. Over the years, bears have visited out town off and on. But this year there seem to be more bear sightings than usual. A big black bear has been seen several times at the dump, especially on a Friday when there is lots of trash to go through. There have been many reports of a big black bear going through trash on many of the roads, and o

Not Quite Doing What I Want

Writing is a big part of my life. I do a lot of writing almost every day. Writing fiction is what I enjoy doing the most. However, I spend far more time writing program designs for people wanting to start residential care homes. Usually the ones I work with want to start homes for persons (children and adults)  with developmental disabilities, though I've done day programs for all ages including supported living, homes for the mentally ill, residential programs for teens in trouble, and residential homes for the elderly--both folks with developmental disabilities and without. I've done this for a long time. It's interesting because regulations and philosophies keep changing and I have to keep up with the changes. And to complicate matters, regional centers who vendor the homes for the developmentally disabled all have different criteria for their homes. Why do I do this? Mainly, because I'm paid to do it and I'm good at it. Back when I had my own care home, I learne


West-side ground zero. A day no one should forget.  A horror that changed our world and the lives of far too many. More people were killed on 9/11 than at Pearl Harbor. Families all over the nation were affected. Both were surprise attacks. Bravery far above expected was shown from so many. Firemen, police officers, and civilians gave up there lives trying to save others. Anyone who was in New York at the time or watched what happened via television will never forget what they saw. May the Lord bless all the families who were affected. Marilyn 

WEST TEXAS DEAD by Frances Hight

West Texas Dead is the first novel in my Kailey and Shinto crime/mystery series.   My inspiration for Book One stems from the years I spent living in Midland, Texas.  I like to write about strong female characters who overcome major crises in their lives and so Kailey was born…Her abusive husband and the tragic loss of her daughter at his hands was all I needed to spur me on with her. If Kailey is the heart of the two women, Shinto is the cutting edge. Woe to the unfortunate soul who even thinks of crossing her. The final piece of the puzzle in this book centers upon Junior Alvarez. He is unlike any character I’ve ever written. I wanted someone rough around the edges, with obvious flaws—but with a core sense of right and wrong—even if he doesn’t know it yet. He was raised in the system and suffered horribly at the hands of some very bad people, yet when we meet him, he is on the cusp of turning things around….Then the unthinkable happens. Excerpt from West Texas Dead : --  “Captai

Need a Little Help

I'm planning to do a .99 cent special on a Kindle copy of one of my Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries. I never do the latest one--and I've done the first in the series FINALE RESPECTS , and  MURDER IN THE WORST DEGREE. These are the titles I'm considering: BONES IN THE ATTIC TANGLED WEBS UNRESOLVED NO BELLS ANGEL LOST Any thoughts on what title might entice you to get the book for .99 cents? Just put the title in your comments if you have a choice. Marilyn, who writes this series as F. M. Meredith 


How can it be? This year is flying by!   Important days in September on a family level, my great granddaughter's, my sister's, my husband's, and a nephew's birthdays. It's also my daughter Lisa and Henry's anniversary, and my son Matthew and Elaina's anniversary.  At the end of the month, I have a book signing and giving a talk at the Porterville Art Gallery--so even though things are not totally back to normal--it's easing toward what may be a new normal.  Things have truly changed since we got old. So many more doctor appointments, and because we don't drive anymore it means finding someone to take us. Everyone is so busy that I hate to ask. I try to spread it around. I've spent a lot of time promoting both The Trash Harem and Not As It Was. I'm so glad I'm now indie-published because I can check and see how different promotions have worked--or not. And yes, I'm working on a new book--this one in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.  It see