BEARS WITH US by Marilyn Meredith

Bears With Us makes a second appearance.
Always one of my favorites in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, it has been re-edited and given a new life.
In this tale, bears invade the mountain town of Bear Creek--which has a remarkable resemblance to the foothill community I live in.
Besides the uninvited bear visitors, there is a plot thread about the dementia effect of Sundowner's. Though this story doesn't follow the rule of a murder on the first 50 pages, there is a definite mystery to be solved, and plenty of action for Tempe as she works hard to keep the residents of her community safe.
My police officer grandson was my source for the bear information--when he worked in Aspen CO, a big part of his job in the summer was shooing bears out of people's houses, stores, and even schools.
If you haven't read it already, do give it a try.
Available on Kindle and as a trade paperback.…

New Revised Version of Deadly Omen now Available

Deadly Omen was the first in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series to be published. It's listed as #1.
I've always loved this story because of the connection with a Pow Wow. I attended a Pow Wow with the official photographer, a good friend, and learned so much. It was an amazing and beautiful experience.
One of the local Indians called me and told me I'd gotten all the Pow Wow parts rights--a most wonderful affirmation. Of course the rest is fiction, as are all the characters.
This is now the third edition of this book, and it's seeing new life because of Lorna and Larry Collins. 
If you've not read it before, I hope you'll give it a try.

Deadly Trail, First One in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series

Deadly Trail didn't come out until after the 2nd through fifth book in the series had been published.

The first publisher didn't want it and started with Deadly Omen. After her company closed, I found another publisher for Deadly Trail, but before anymore in the series could be published, a personal tragedy cause the end of that publishing house too.
The series was then picked up by Mundania Press, and I had a wonderful run with them until they too closed their doors.
Now the series is being resurrected, re-edited and in some cases, new covers that match the rest in the series.
Here's a couple of reviews:
Deputy Tempe Crabtree arrests Nick Two John for slashing the tires of a logging truck during a protest.  On the way to the jail, he repeatedly begs for his freedom.  He believes that with her Native American heritage, she should understand she should understand what the loggers represent and not arrest him.  Then he offers to reveal a secret information if she’ll release h…

A Cold Death--my 2nd locked room mystery

A Cold Death was inspired by friends talking about their experience of being snowed in while they were the caretakers over the winter of a summer camp. A group of us were having breakfast at a local restaurant, where we often shred tales of our past.
Once they got started, I knew I need to know more. I asked a lot of questions which led them to telling me about when unexpected guests visited the camp and some of the problems that resulted.
Though the story that formed had it's beginnings in what my friends related, the plot took on unique twists of its own.
This time the characters are not based on any real people, but the type of personalities I've encountered over the years.
And yes, there is a ghost in this one too. What would a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery be without a ghost or at least a spirit of some sort?
This is a great book to read during the summer when the temperatures are sizzling--guaranteed to cool you off. 
Oh, and one more gem: I went on Facebook and asked fo…

Intervention is Back with a Glorious New Cover!

Intervention is another of the older books in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, also re-edited and with this wonderful cover. (Again, thanks to Lorna and Larry Collins for making this possible.)
The idea came from another newspaper interview where I learned about the Camp Nelson Lodge back in it's early days. Of course I changed the lodge.
And again, some of the characters were inspired by people I've met along the way. This was my first "locked-room" mystery, of course inspired by Agatha Christie's great locked room mysteries. 
Following is one of the reviews that completely captures the story.
Hoping to take a vacation from their jobs, Bear Creek's deputy, Tempe Crabtree, and her minister husband, Hutch Hutchinson, head for Tapper Lodge high in the Sierras. Aiming for a romantic getaway, the newlyweds are surprised to find they'll share the lodge with "movie people from Hollywood." Academy Award winning screenwriter Mallory Benoit has assembl…

Wingbeat Resurrected

When the publisher of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries shut its doors, I wasn't sure what would happen to all the books in the series. Good friends, Lorna and Larry Collins came to the rescue and are working on getting all the books republished.
Wingbeat is one of the first five to be published.
Here is one of the early reviews: Wing Beat is the fourth installment in the Tempe Crabtree mystery series. Marilyn Meredith once again easily transfers readers to the foothills of Bear Creek, a quiet, wooded town in the southern Sierra. And once again Deputy Tempe Crabtree has her hands full. 
You would think a small town deputy married to a small town pastor would be the perfect way to spend your life. Instead, Crabtree suspects newcomers have set up shop in the mountains in order to grow marijuana. Working with narcotics, she tries to assemble enough probable cause to have a search warrant issued. When the body of a woman is discovered in an unmarked grave, Crabtree in sucked into th…

This is How I Spent My Vacation

We spent five days in Murrieta visiting our family who live in that area.

So much fun seeing everyone and visiting.

One thing all of the females of the clan did was go to a great escape room. We solved the clues with only 15 seconds to spare! Thank goodness for the young minds: Alyssa (granddaughter who was sharp as a tack), Emily and Peyton (great grands who discovered many clues quickly), and my daughters, Dana, Lisa and Lori who discovered many things. Fun time.
We all had lunch together too in a new and wonderful restaurant. 

Can you believe this fish? I could only eat half and it was wonderful. The name of the restaurant is The Hive--believe it is in Wildomar.
We visited so much with everyone:
Grandson Patrick, his wife Lucy, two of his kids, Emily and Ethan. (Olivia is at college.)
Granddaughter Genie, her husband Mark, and their kids Peyton and Garrett--both recovering from sports injuries.
Great time.