Popping By

Yes, I've been neglecting my blog and for good reason, I've just been way too busy. I've also been neglecting my book in progress.

My excuse? Besides Christmas preparations (though I haven't had many to do), I've been busy working (the kind where you actually make money), doing program designs for people who want to open residential care homes for the developmentally disabled. Actually I'm only working on one at the moment, but there's another waiting for me to do.
I have a book I need to read and review--why oh why did I say I'd do it? Because I like the writer and her books. Met her long ago at an Edgar Awards dinner--we sat together though I doubt she remembers me.
But last night I had some fun--our writers' group had our annual dinner meeting at theThai Kitchen. Sadly, our leader, Shirley Hickman, hasn't been feeling well so couldn't make. I so enjoy these people and they are so helpful with their critiquing and suggestions--and hearing …

The Latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree Mystery Will Become a Reality

For a while there I was concerned that maybe my publisher for the Deputy Crabtree series might have some problems.

I'd sent the manuscript off--but heard nothing. I emailed and no answer.
Because I was so busy promoting my last Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery and dealing with life itself, I didn't do anything else.
Fortunately, I heard from the publisher--the problem was a computer crash. I resent my manuscript. Next step is whatever the editor finds that needs to be fixed.
This is the first year I didn't have two of my series books out. But I certainly had plenty of other books re-published. (Which meant I did a lot of re-editing myself.)
Once I learn when the book will be published, I'll be busy with promotion planning. Right now, I'm not going to even think about it, the holidays will keep me busy.
Here's the cover:

Set in Tehachapi, I hope to do an event or two in that area.

This Has Been Quite a Year for this Writer

For a while it looked like my Rocky Bluff P.D. series was over unless I decided to self-publish it. Frankly, I didn't want to go through the learning process to do so.

The sad but not unexpected death of Billie Johnson, who had so brilliantly re-published the old books in the series and the new ones as they came along, seemed like the end of the series. .
Mike Orenduff, a great writer on his own, and the founder of Aaekenbaaken & Kent publishing offered to continue with the series. Not only would he republish the latest, but he also wanted to redo the earlier ones, to be re-edited and with new covers. Of course the editing took a lot of time. 
Finally that was all done, and then I had to finish the latest in the series, Tangled Webs. After it was published this fall, of course I had to spend time with promotion.
In the meantime, though I had finished a new mystery in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, the publisher, Mundania, decided to have new covers created for the first fo…

A TWO HORSE TOWN by Kathleen Kaska

My latest mystery, A Two Horse Town, is the second book in my Kate Caraway Animal-Rights Series. The idea for this series started forming in my mind when I was a member of Wildlife Rescue, Inc in Austin, Texas where I helped rehab and raise orphaned wildlife. So, I wanted to write a series that made readers aware of animal-rights issues. The first book in the series, Run, Dog Run,  published in 2017, takes place in the world of greyhound racing.
While traveling through Montana several years ago, I became aware of the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range, which is a refuge for a herd of free-roaming mustangs. These horses have a unique genetic makeup that doesn’t exist in other breeds. I began imagining what would happen if their habitat were threatened, and the plot for A Two Horse Town unfolded from there. The book, published by Black Opal Books, will be released on December 29. Pre-orders for the eBook version are available on Amazon: Pre-orders. The hardcover and paperback will be ava…

December Book Festival


What a Great Thanksgiving!

Despite hubby and I both a bit under the weather (and yes, it is a bit of a pun), we traveled to Coarsegold to enjoy the holiday with family and friends and to get to see grandson Nathan's new home. 
It began to sprinkle as we reached the foothills, and it came down a bit harder when after driving on a most twist windy road to the very end and reaching our destination. We disembarked, took in our offerings for the feast, and toured the house. The kitchen was a busy place, with Nathan's mother in law, Marty, in charge. A great house, that Nathan and Amanda are in the process of fixing up (though it looks great already). I didn't go upstairs but I'm seen photos of what he's done in the bathroom.
In this photo of granddaughter Jessi and her two oldest, you can see how the tents were set up with the tables and chairs, and where the feast was to be set up.
There was plenty of food to nibble on both inside and outside while the rain came down.

In this photo are cousins: …

What I'm Thankful For

First and foremost is that for the first time in a long while I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
More about why after thanksgiving.

I have so much to be thankful for, I'm very blest.

1. For my faith in God and Jesus Christ. I've seen so many miracles over the years--one of the biggest when my son-in-law was in a horrific accident and my daughter was told he wouldn't live because too many of his vital organs were damaged. People all over the country began praying--the organs that he couldn't live without were healed. After 6 weeks he came out of the hospital--a true miracle.

2. For my husband who has stood by me through these many years and continued to love me even when I wasn't lovable.

3. For my wonderful children. I'm proud of each and everyone. Though Mark is no longer with us, I'm thankful for the time we had him.

4. And of course the grandkids and great grands, and the great, great grands. They all bring so much joy into my life.

5. I'm thankfu…