Christmas Book Idea #7, UNRESOLVED

Unresolved is the latest in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series. I write this series as F. M. Meredith.

And though it is the last book in the series, the story itself is complete. You may wonder about the title--never fear the mystery us solved.
This series has a large cast of ongoing characters:
Detective Doug Milligan and his wife, Officer Stacey Milligan, and her son, Davey, and Doug's daughter, Beth.
Officer Ryan Stickland, his wife Barbara, her three sons, and their baby daughter.
Detective Felix Zachary and his wife and daughter.
Sergeant Abel Navarro, his wife Maria and their daughter.
Chief Chandra Taylor, fairly new to the RBPD, single.
Of course this new book brings in other folks who live in the small beach community of Rocky Bluff-some good, some bad.
Each novel is written as a stand-alone, but things change in the characters' lives from book to book.
#13 in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series, Unresolved Blurb:
Rocky Bluff P.D. is underpaid and understaffed and when two dead bod…

Christmas Book Idea #6 The Astral Gift

A bit of history about The Astral Gift.

After writing my two historical family sagas, I wondered what I should write next--the answer came easily--a mystery. Mysteries were what I loved to read.

The Astral Gift is fiction, of course, I don't know anyone who can astral project nor have I done it, except in dreams. 
The heroine in the story has some resemblance to a young woman I know well who did suffer abuse as a child.
The setting is much like the beach community of Oxnard California back when I first lived there.
The policeman in my story has similarities to the police officer I knew best at the time, my then son-in-law. 
The day care center is much like one I worked in though it was in Ventura. I plucked various personality traits from some of the teachers who worked alongside me. None lived in a mortuary. I just like mortuaries.
I do hope some of you might like to try this mystery which is also a bit of a romance. Or perhaps you know someone who would enjoy it for Christmas.

Christmas Book #5, A COLD DEATH

A Cold Death is the latest in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series. Never fear, if you've never read an books in this series, each mystery is solved by the end. Of course the main characters are the same, though they do indeed change with time, as we do.

In this mystery, Tempe is called to a summer camp, closed for the winter, by the caretakers. The owner and his wife have descended upon the place along with a group of their friends. A severe winter storm has arrived and Tempe has been called to try and get the people to leave.
She and her husband, Hutch, arrive and discover the unwanted guests are unusual and also unmovable. One of the group dies and Tempe realizes she was murdered. The storm increases, and no one can leave. 
Writing this, and looking back at some of my others, I realize how much of an influence Agatha Christie had on me.

Available on Kindle and in trade paperback.…

Christmas Book #4, Two Ways West

This is the story of my father's side of the family, mainly the Crabtrees and the Osborns and how and why they traveled west. This is an historical family saga based on genealogy done by my sister many years ago. Once I read through it, I knew I had to find out more and add to it.
When I was writing, my father and his sister and many of his cousins were still alive, and I was able to ask many questions and hear all the family legends. Of course, much more research was needed, in some cases difficult but a most rewarding task. Two Ways West is the end result.
The book itself has gone through an arduous journey, first published by a not so honest publisher and a second one, and disappeared for a long while. Thanks to Lorna Collins who resurrected it, reedited it, and made it once again available.
This book is for anyone who enjoys historical fiction. It is available in both trade paperback and on Kindle.
My husband and I now live in the area where my father's ancestors settled,…

TRAIL TO GLORY, Christmas Book #3

Have relatives who like historical family sagas?

Trail to Glory is based on the genealogy of my mother's family. Some have compared it to books in the Little House on the Prairie series. Great compliment, but probably because it truly depicts ho difficult life was back in the early days.
One thing different about this book, is how the women faced horrendous hardships. Some had to find a way to support themselves after the death of a spouse.--so resourceful and strong. 
Though the story is based on the truth, I must admit that there is plenty of fiction. The closer it get to our time period, the truer it is.
This was my first published book--but since then it has been re-edited.
I hope you'll try it or gift it to a friend. Available in trade paperback and for Kindle.…

Legal Thriller about Teen Sexting Entertains and Educates

by Pamela Samuels Young
People often ask me where I find the ideas for my legal thrillers. My first book stemmed from a discrimination case I was working on.  I then went on to address social issues like sexual harassment in the workplace, child sex trafficking and gender discrimination. I can still remember the exact moment I decided to tackle teen sexting.
I was talking to a long-time friend and law school classmate who is a criminal defense attorney. He started lamenting about yet another teen client charged with distributing child pornography as a result of sending a naked selfie.
“What are you talking about?” I said. “Kids can be prosecuted for that?”
I was absolutely floored when he explained that prosecutors were not just charging kids as young as 13 or 14 with distributing child pornography as a result of sexting, but requiring them to register as sex offenders if convicted. As soon as I hung up the phone, I knew this was a subject I wanted to write about.
When I started researchi…

Book for Christmas #2 DEADLY FEAST

While checking the edits for Deadly Feast, and getting reaquainted with this book, I realized what a big influence Agatha Christie had on me without my knowing it.
Obviously this is a mystery, and when I began it, I thought it might be a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, but when I got to the end, I knew it didn't fit the series. This is the second book that I did this with. 
Because I liked it, I did some rewriting, changed the names of the characters and the setting. Still a small town, this one is in the gold country--much like Coulterville to be exact. Coulterville is right on the old '49 trail. 
I really did have a good time writing this book--and rereading it. I hope you'll enjoy it too.


While investigating a murder, Leslie York, the resident deputy of the mining town of Copper Creek, finds herself stranded on the wrong side of the creek when it turns into a raging torrent. Others driven from their homes by the flood gather, but one of them turns up dead. When Le…