Mrs. Odboddy's Desperate Doings by Elaine Faber

Mrs. Odboddy's Desperate Doings takes place in No. CA during WWII as Agnes Odboddy continues to fight the war from the home front.  She is discouraged about her inability to find a permanent home for a displaced carnival tiger she rescued from her last adventure, Mrs. Odboddy And Then There was a Tiger . When she falls from a tree and suffers a head injury, her usual eccentric notions increase. But when she accuses the local doctor of being an art thief, folks wonder if her head injury is responsible for her increasingly irrational behavior or is it dementia? For a raucous adventure with an absurdly funny elderly sleuth, you can’t miss with Mrs. Odboddy’s Desperate Doings . Interview with Agnes’s best friend, Mildred Higgenbottom Agnes and I have been friends for years. How did we meet…? Good question. Let me think... It was 1918, during WWI. Agnes and I were United States’ undercover agents, assigned a top secret operation in Paris. We spent three days hiding in a bom

What's Next?

Since we're well into May I thought I should write a new post. Still working on program designs--and thinking about what I should write next. I want to do a new Tempe Crabtree, but nothing exciting has popped into my mind as yet. I'm also toying with the idea of writing a YA mystery set during WWII. My friend and fellow author Mike Black suggested that. Might be fun, I do remember a lot about being a kid during the war.  Other than the above, I spend a lot of time with and caring for my hubby. My car needs a new transmission, so until it's fixed (waiting on the transmission to arrive at the mechanics) I not only have to rely on others but those willing to drive their own cars. So that's what's going on around here. Do have ome upcoming fun events this month which I will report on. The first ia lunc with two of my writer friends this Saturday.  Marilyn 

What Am I Up to Now?

I've been really, really busy and not able to do all my usual "writerly things." When I say I'm busy, sadly not doing what I'd really like to be doing.  Biggest and most important has been caring for my 91 year-old-husband.   I'd love to be writing my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, but no time and to be honest except for a side-plot really don't have any big ideas for it. I need to do some research through all the notes and clipping I've gathered for future books. What I've also been doing is working on program designs for people wanting to open residential care homes. Most time consuming as each regional center has different guidelines and different ways they want things done. I have something else I have to do which will take a lot of time, but can't write about it now. And of course, I should be doing more promotion of my latest and last book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series: REVERSAL OF FORTUNE,  but no time for that now. https://www.ama


Let me introduce myself. My name is Sunny Frazier. Marilyn and I have been friends for forty years. She’s been my mentor and we’ve done speaking engagements together. Recently our mutual friend, Lelia Taylor, passed away. She managed a website called Buried Under Books and was very supportive of authors. I wrote a regular column for the site. Marilyn quickly came to the rescue of my homeless blog and invited me to post on her page.   As you’ll discover, I love books and love to introduce readers to new reads. I don’t do reviews, but I do get personal by tying what I read to my life. And I love feedback. Right now we’re celebrating Earth Month and April 22 is Earth Day. It was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson in the 70’. Inspiration and awareness of the damage humans were doing to Mother Earth sprang from Silent Spring, written by Rachel Carson a decade before. At the time she was focusing on pesticides used in agriculture. Oh, we are well aware of use in our region of California!

The Latest and the Last

REVERSAL OF FORTUNE INFORMATION   #17 in the series. and the last. I have mixed emotions about ending this series-- I know it's time, but I'll miss writing about these characters I've created and who have been with me for such a long time. I tried to tie up some loose ends, and give readers an insight into what might be happening in the future. Here's the official book blurb: A fortune teller is murdered in the small beach town of Rocky Bluff, California. The RBPD’s investigation uncovers several suspects—all with motives and opportunity. But which one killed her? The body of a suspect is discovered on the fortune teller’s property. Clearly, the two killings are related, but how? And who killed them? Meanwhile, the mayor’s daughter, Kayla, whose best friend is Detective Doug Milligan’s daughter, is upset because her mother’s sister wants her to leave Rocky Bluff to live with her in Los Angeles. Can her friends convince Kayla’s aunt to leave her there with her fath


Get you mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about the sale of edible meat products.   Consumers have seen a variety of new meat alternatives during the last fifty years. Many of these products are produced from soy and pea proteins. Now biotechnology companies are producing cultured meat—also called clean or cell-based meat. Cultured meat is grown in large, closed, sterile vats in the laboratory. It really is meat because it is grown from the cells of healthy cattle or chickens layered on biological scaffolds so as to produce a meat-like texture.   This breakthrough in the application of biotechnology was first announced in 2013 but continues to be mainly experimental because of problems in the production of a juicy meat alternative with an acceptable mouth feel at a reasonable price. However, environmentalists are enthused about cultured meats’ potential.   Are you enthusiastic or repulsed by the idea of cultured meat? Hopefully, you are curious to learn more. Maybe you’re curi

Today and Tomorrow Will Be the End of This Promotion

Because of what's been going on with Covid, I never had a chance to return to Tehachapi for another book signing,  something I'd been invited to do.  Perhaps sometime in the future I can return to Tehachpi, to the museum where i had a delightful time and book signing. This time I would take Spirit Wind  and the latest of the books in the series. We'll see if that is something that could happen. It is getting harder and harder for me to get away from home and my hubby as he needs more and more assistance.  Life changes as we grow older. I love Tehachapi and do home I can visit once again--more than just making a stop at the wonderful backer in town, which we always do when we're passing by.  To get your .99 cent copy of Spirit Wind, go to: