One of My Oldest Books, TRAIL TO GLORY

Trail to Glory is an historical family saga based on genealogy from my mother's side of the family. It is as true as I could learn from family, history, and the genealogy itself--however a lot came from my imagination.
What is very true is the resourcefulness these strong  women found deep inside when family tragedy struck. 
Give it a try, it's available as an ebook and in trade paperback.

Moving Right Along by Marilyn Meredith

Despite not knowing when my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery will be available, I'm still signing up for book fairs and speaking engagements. I have plenty of books to promote and sell, but it would be nice to have my new one.

In a two day span, I attended a friend's funeral, and a 100th birthday celebration for another friend.
Here in Springville, we've had tons of rain, the river is overflowing it's banks--and it's a great change from years of drought. 
My grandchildren continue to bring me great joy--I have adult grands  and great grands and little ones too. I am truly blessed.
I can't decide whether or not I should sign up for Bouchercon 2020. It is close enough to drive or ride the train, but not sure about all the walking around. I need to decide soon.
I've gone to my San Joaquin Sisters in Crime meetings, have had to miss the Visalia Kings writers because of other events. 
And our writers' critique group is back on track.
So for the time being,…

Oh, Woe is Me by Marilyn Meredith

Really, that's isn't how I feel--though things have been a bit rough. Nothing I can't rise above though.

On the Wednesday before I was to leave for Ventura for the PSWA board retreat, I rushed around to get things done--and tripped over an inch high curb at the post office. Whacked my head against the wall, bruised and skinned my hand, and banged up my knee. Couldn't get up--that's nothing new, can't get up off the floor without something to hang onto.
The post office is next door to the fire department so they arrived almost immediately. A nurse was in the parking lot urging me to go to the ER. The sheriff arrived, then the ambulance. The firemen got me on my feet and the paramedics put me in the ambulance. The trip to the ER was enjoyable as the paramedic in back with me was quite a conversationalist.
The ER admitted me right away, an Xray was taken of my hand and a CT scan of my head. I was pronounced alive and well. Family came and took me home. 
The very n…

SAVING FERRIS by A. R. Kennedy

When inspiration strikes, a writer must listen. I was attending the Writers’ Police Academy in Wisconsin, a hands-on writing conference I've been attending for years, in preparation of writing the next book in my Nathan Miccoli mystery series.
There are a plethora of classes to choose from. Through their classes, I've learned the stresses law enforcement officers face daily to ensure Nathan Miccoli is well rounded and real, the procedures for evidence collection, arrest tactics officers use, and so much more. There's a variety of classes during each time slot. I usually have a few classes highlighted that I must attend in preparation for writing upcoming scenes. Sometimes I choose something that sounds interesting. (Friends often laugh when I send texts from the conference asking if I should attend a class on Prostitution or Building searches, fingerprinting or serial killers, tactical driving or undercover police work.)
After attending a class on guns, which delved into sel…

Surviving the Corporate World by Catherine Dilts

Encircle Publications, LLC Paperback: 346 pages February 28, 2019, $16.99 Language: English Genre: Mystery
Also available for Kindle

During our travels, my husband and I once visited a small-town museum in western Colorado with a friend. One display told the story ofAlferd Packer, the famed self-confessed cannibal. We couldn’t resist cracking several lame jokes about cannibalism. The museum docent took us to task, explaining that Packer was misunderstood. We managed to finish touring the museum with only a few more inappropriate giggles.
Later, I suggested the docent may have been a relative of Packer. Why else would someone take such offense to a few harmless jokes? The seed of an idea took root. I write amateur sleuth and cozy mysteries. Cannibalism is not a light topic. I knew I didn’t want to write a novel focused on people eating people.
Another experience from real-life was attending a company holiday party. Everyone was invited, from factory floor laborers to executives. One highlight …

PSWA Conference Featured Speakers

We’re excited about the featured speakers joining us for the 2018 Conference! They’re speaking on a variety of public safety, writing craft, and marketing topics. Register today to hear these wonderful experts. SWAT Concepts for the Patrol Officer

Dave Freedland

Dave Freedland worked his way up through the ranks from patrolman to deputy chief of the Irvine, California Police Department. Among his many duties, Freedland was also a commander of the department’s SWAT Team, which was among the most professional and best-trained teams in the nation. They trained at Camp Pendleton with the US Navy SEALS and responded to numerous call outs, all of which involved high risk, life-and-death situations. Dave will present an overview of SWAT training along with highlights of some of the missions he and his team handled. You’ve seen the TV show, now see the real-life heroes in action. Pursuit/Emergency Response Driving–Getting it Right

John Schembra VP PSWA 
Did you know that as many police officers di…

Back to the Writing Business

Because I'm expecting my new Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery to go live soon, and still have my latest Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery to promote, I've got several upcoming in-person events coming.
I do hope to get to as many of the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime as I can this year.

March 16th from 8-3, I'll be at the Writers of Kern's annual conference being held at Hodel's, 5917 Knudsen Dr., Bakersfield.  I'll be listening and learning, and I'll have a table with my books. 
On April 6th, I'll be in San Luis Obispo from 9-4 at the Central Coast Sisters in Crime Writers in Action conference. I'm giving a presentation on Getting it Right--and yes, I'll have books.
On April 13th, I'll be at the Visalia Book Festival from 9-4 in front of the big Visalia Library on Oak St,
In July, from the 18th to the 21, I'll be a the big PSWA conference at the Orleans in Las Vegas. (This is my favorite writing conference.)
October 12th, it's the Grea…