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Blog Tour for Spirit Shapes


Meet JoAnna Senger author of Betrothal, Betrayal, and Blood


I'm Struggling.

With what, you ask?

No, not money or health. Maybe it's my age catching up with me, I'm not sure.

The problem is writing the next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. Part of the problem could be because I don't even have copies in hand of #13 in the series--Spirit Shapes. Oh, I know it's getting close, if I haven't heard by the time this post is being read, I will be able to order copies soon.

When I get them, I'll be offering some free for people to read and offer reviews.

And maybe that's my problem because I found a not so wonderful review of #12 in the series, Raging Water. It was the first 2 star review I ever received. I shouldn't even pay any attention to it was there are nine 5 star reviews and one 4.

What happens I think, even if it is only one, it has rattled my confidence a bit.

What I need to do is forget it. After all, we don't all like the same books. Some of the things the reviewer criticized me for are elements that are in all of the Tem…

A Visit from M.M. Gornell, Author of Cousel of Ravens