Christmas Book #5, A COLD DEATH

A Cold Death is the latest in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series. Never fear, if you've never read an books in this series, each mystery is solved by the end. Of course the main characters are the same, though they do indeed change with time, as we do.

In this mystery, Tempe is called to a summer camp, closed for the winter, by the caretakers. The owner and his wife have descended upon the place along with a group of their friends. A severe winter storm has arrived and Tempe has been called to try and get the people to leave.

She and her husband, Hutch, arrive and discover the unwanted guests are unusual and also unmovable. One of the group dies and Tempe realizes she was murdered. The storm increases, and no one can leave. 

Writing this, and looking back at some of my others, I realize how much of an influence Agatha Christie had on me.

Available on Kindle and in trade paperback.


Thonie Hevron said…
How did I miss reading this one?? It's on my list now!

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