How My .99 Cent Sale is Doing

First off, I made a mistake with this one. A few years ago, I offered Angel Lost for free on Kindle--and forgot. This was with a former publisher. Since that time, the book has a new cover and was re-edited.

Despite that goof, the sale has done well.

The first day 32 copies were purchased for .99 cents
Three copies of the first book in the series, Final Respects, were purchased for its regular price, 2 copies of the next in the series, and six more in the series.

The next day 6 more copies of Angel Lost  and 3 of Final Respects were purchased.

And the following day, 4 more copies of Angel Lost and 2 of Final Respects as well as some others in the series and my Tempe Crabtree series. 

On Thursday, it was 17 copies of Angel Lost, plus 3 Final Respects and 1 Dangerous Impulses. 

Today, early a.m., 2 Angel Lost copies and 1 Final Respects. This may change through the day. 

Along with these book, my Cooking for a Big Family and Large Groups had sales nearlyevery day.

Whether or not many more copies of Angel Lost are sold, new readers have been introduced to the series, and of course, that's the whole idea of doing this.


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