Fringe Benefits

The reviews for Fringe Benefits have been fantastic! Here are a few snippets:

"F. M. Meredith keeps you guessing throughout the book. I am hoping that she will continue the Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery series. This is the third book in the series and my first so I have some catching up to do. Fringe Benefits is a fast, interesting read and I think the police officers in Rocky Bluff are typical of police officers everywhere with the same ambitions and stumbling blocks but I hope there aren't too many Cal Sylvester's out there."

The third of Meredith’s Rocky Bluff P. D. series. Lets hope there are many more. 02/07 Jack Quick, Book Bitch Reviews

Highly recommended reading for those looking for a good mystery, an entanglement of lives and the results of deadly provocation." Review by Bonti

"In a way, Fringe Benefits is reminiscent of a Wambaugh novel...the plot takes a twist, which the reader (at least this one) doesn’t expect. It’s a fast and enjoyable read.."—Theodore Feit

The book was also reviewed in our local newspaper too--the reporter is a good friend of mine but mostly likes literary novels and non-fiction so I didn't expect her to like it. She called me before she wrote her article and absolutely raved about it and called it "wonderful." Needless to say, I've been floating about two feet off the ground.

This is particularly gratifying because I truly wondered how readers would take to this book since it is about an extremely bad cop. Oh, there are plenty of other good police officers in the novel, but you never know how things will be taken by a reader.

Now I'm off to the local book launch for Fringe Benefits.



CarysWeldonblog said…
Maybe the popularity of this bad cop is because we like to see if we can figure them out? I mean, what motivates the wicked, or mean?

I am always fascinated by things like that, myself. Aren't you?
CarysWeldonblog said…
Wow, Marilyn.
I liked you at Epicon, but now that I've had a chance to come and look at your website, and see all you've done, I am TOTALLY impressed.

I mentioned you in my blog this morning. If you've been following the Epic lists, you'll know that I'm doing a blog posting contest.

My readers get clues to other websites. Yours is now on the list.

If my readers come to the websites, and keep a running list (until end of April), they'll be in for a drawing. Or longest correct list wins. Maybe two drawings. Those who POST on other author blogs after going there because of my contest are entered into another drawing.

I hope you'll get reader hits from this.

I'm not currently promoting any of my books because they're all in limb in a publishing queue.

But, I also have a contest for those who want to post on my blog. Drawing renews every month. And I have a newsletter contest. (Gotta sign up for that one.)

Anyhow, I sure hope that my readers come here while they're waiting for my books--and pick up a few of yours to tie them over until mine come out.

Great to find your blog. (This will be a trick. I already posted on your blog!!!)

~Carys Weldon
Joan said…
I love good mysteries and Fringe Benefits sounds just like that.A very good mystery.
Ana said…
Congrats on the great reviews Marilyn.
jennybrat said…
Hi Marilyn, Carys Weldon sent me here.

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