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When we started on our trip to Seattle and LCC, I discovered this on my Blackberry:
"The WOW January book selection is CALLING THE DEAD by Marilyn MeredithOne of our judges commented that it was like reading a book that J.A. Jance and Tony Hillerman co-authored."
Here’s part of my first review for Fringe Benefits:
"Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true. Officer Cal Sylvester certainly found this statement to be true in Fringe Benefits. Not only did he wish for another police officer's wife but he put a plan in motion to make his wish come true. The death of Cal's wife so that she would be out of the picture and the proceeds of her insurance to keep Darcy Gordon happy went a long way towards making his wish come true, but the dream turned into a nightmare."Fringe Benefits take you into the lives and homes of several police officers of Rocky Bluff a small community in California. You learn their interactions with their wives and families as well as their thoughts towards their jobs...."F. M. Meredith keeps you guessing throughout the book. I am hoping that she will continue the Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery series. This is the third book in the series and my first so I have some catching up to do. Fringe Benefits is a fast, interesting read and I think the police officers in Rocky Bluff are typical of police officers everywhere with the same ambitions and stumbling blocks but I hope there aren't too many Cal Sylvester's out there."
And here’s the second from Book Bitch Reviews:

FRINGE BENEFITS by F.M. Meredith: If you are going to commit a murder, it can be helpful to be a cop. Officer Cal Sylvester’s affair with Darcy Butler, wife of a fellow policeman, is going into the deep freeze. Only money will rekindle the flame and Sylvester thinks he knows how to get it, by collecting his wife’s life insurance. Of course, there is one little detail that needs to be taken care of. Enter sixteen-year-old Adler "Patch" Costello, who runs away from home and right into trouble. In the meantime there is a dangerous rapist on the loose who strikes every Wednesday. The third of Meredith’s Rocky Bluff P. D. series. Lets hope there are many more. 02/07 Jack Quick

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