Keeping up with a Blog is time consuming–and I have trouble remember that I should do it. Okay, here’s what I’ve been up to since my last posting.
Most of what I’ve been doing is taking care of the classes I’m in charge of for residential care. It is time consuming and exacting work–I also go to all the classes and do the registration. The best things about it is I get paid for doing it.
For writing related activities, I presented another promotion presentation for the Writers of Kern, a small group but I’ve been there enough that I count many of their members as friends.
I only managed to attend two of my own critique group meetings. This is something I thoroughly enjoy and it helps get my own manuscript in shape. It’s amazing how many errors they find even after I’ve gone over the chapter beforehand. The members of my group are not only friends, but good at critiquing.

Our church had a free pancake breakfast and it’s amazing how many people will attend anything where there’s free food.

Hubby and I headed to Elk Grove on the 30th of the month, a four plus hour drive. We did okay until we hit the Sacramento freeways. Our Map Quest directions let us down and we turned the wrong direction for our hotel. We realized the mistake right away and soon were registered. The next day, we headed back to Elk Grove for an Art’s Festival. The American Author Association sponsored the book and author part and we had a table among close to 100 authors in the huge gymnasium of a brand new recreation center. It’s always a joy to talk to readers and others interested in books.

After the festival we headed back to the hotel and met our youngest daughter, hubby and granddaughter. We had dinner with them and our grandson Gregg who is going to school at Sac State–and his girlfriend, Diya. It’s always great when we can combine something to do with book selling with a family affair.

I’ve also been busy preparing for the Public Safety Writers Conference to be held in Las Vegas later in the month. I’m in charge of the program and at the last minute had a speaker pull out through no fault of her own. I was fortunate enough to talk Sunny Frazier, author of Fools Rush In and many published short stories, to take her place. We’ll be visiting my sis in Las Vegas while we’re at the conference.

Unfortunately, I’ve had little time for writing. My work-in-progress is calling to me, but it will just have to wait. Darn!

Here’s hoping you all had a great Easter--mine was extra special.



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