Another Day, Another Post

I'd really like to do this once a week, but something I just get two darn busy.

I've been doing lots of classes for the residential care business which is time consuming and requires a lot of paperwork--but it does pay my credit card bill (much needed.)

Our church is planning it's 50th anniversary, and I've been involved writing articles for the newspaper about it. It was fun to tell everyone that our little church had its beginnings in a home, a gas station, and a chicken coop.

I'm still working on my latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree book and hope to come up with some ideas for a Rocky Bluff P.D. book. The next one in both series is supposed to be out this fall. Tempe's book is called Judgement Fire and the Rocky Bluff one is Smell of Death.

As far as trips, our next one is to Mayhem in the Midlands in Omaha. This is another favorite as we've made a lot of friends in Omaha. It will be in a different hotel this year, more modern and closer to all the wonderful restaurants and shopping in the Old Marketplace. We are looking forward to a meal in Ahmad's Persian restaurant. Instead of flying home, our eldest daughter and her husband are picking us up in their motor home as they head back to Oxnard. So we'll get a bit of sightseeing in as well as visiting with our kids.

There are always a lot of things in the works, but I only worry about one day at a time, who knows what the future holds?


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