Gearing Up for A New Book Promotion

The galleys arrived for Judgment Fire. I made the corrections and sent the pages back the fastest way possible. I'm on a panel about publishing at the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime on August 4th in Fresno--it'll be a miracle if I have books for that. I have been promised books by August 11th when my book launch is scheduled at the Springville Visitor's Center (my hometown). I'm publicizing it, so all I can do is pray.

Speaking of praying, since Monday I've been one of the helpers at Vacation Bible School at our church. I've been herding around 6 12 year-olds, 3 boys --2 act like they are about 6, and 3 girls, one who acts or thinks she's does anyway, 18. We have lots of older teen helpers and the girls flirt with the males outrageously. My job is making sure they all behave as we go from Missions, Music, Recreation (wild and involves getting wet), Bible Study and Crafts. I'm not sure this is such a wonderful job for a 73 year old great-grandma as I expect kids to be respectful and act reasonable. But I'll tough it out through Friday. Of course the temperature is soaring to three digit numbers.

Last weekend we went to Ventura again for the West Coast Author's Book Festival. It was right on the beach, though we were inside. Nice people and was thrilled to be visited by two friends from the Public Safety Writers Group. We also celebrated one of my grandson's 26th birthday with a wonderful dinner prepared by his mom and step-dad and we played a goofy game. Apples to Apples. Needs very little brain power and it's lots of fun.

Throughout August, I'm going on a virtual book tour visiting other people's blogs. I'm also hosting some other authors on this blog. These are the first few places I'll be and on those days.

August 1 – The Writer’s Life
August 2 – Plug Your Book
August 3 – The Story Behind the Books
August 6 – Pump Up Your Book Promotion
August 7 – As the Page Turns

Sounds like fun. Hope you'll visit some of them.



damomo4 said…
Hi Marilyn,

I came to check out your blog. This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your work and your ideas. I appreciate what you've done here.

Jan Verhoeff

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