Does Anyone Ever Read These Blogs?

I do these blogs, not as faithfully as I should, but sometimes wonder if I'm wasting my time.

I am on Chapter 5 of my as yet untitled next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery. I've been doing a pretty good job of sticking to it, but Thursday I leave for Tampa FL and the WOW conference and will be gone until Monday and no writing will get done there. I know some people take their laptops on trips and continue to write, but I have enough stuff to lug and find when I'm busy at a conference or convention, when I get back to my room I'm ready to rest--or go to sleep.

This month is far too full. I've already been to a Sisters in Crime meeting in Fresno, and to San Luis Obispo to a Book Festival--great fun. I'll be home for one weekend, then I'm heading off to Alaska and Bouchercon. Will report when I get back.

October won't be much better. I have a class to teach one whole week--then an online class on mystery writing. I'm giving a talk on POV to a local writers' group. Then a two day festival here in town. And we have a family reunion planned in Barstow, of all places, but it's kind of halfway for all family members.

Now back to Tempe's world.



Lillie Ammann said…
I read your blog, Marilyn, and enjoy keeping up with your writing adventures. I subscribe to your feed so I don't keep coming back to an updated blog. :-)
Marilyn said…
Hooray! I'm so glad to hear.

I'll probably not post again until after I return from Florida, but thank you so much for letting me know you read my posts.

Joan said…
I am not a great fan of blogs. I much prefer newsletters. I read yours every month and visit your site.
Holly said…
I read blogs! In fact I am finding them far more interesting than most websites.

Generally now if someone sends me an email and has their blog listed in a sig file, I often take a look.

Great news about the good review!

agnes d said…
I don't usually read blogs, but I sure hope you continue with yours. You'l never know the people you help by offering your kind voice.

Sherrie Floyd said…
My goodness, what a busy lady you have been. YES, I read your BLOGS.
They are often a fix for me in knowing what's going on in your life. Seeing you once a year isn't enough I guess. LOL
You are one of the most fascinating woman I have had the pleasure of knowing all these years. I actually consider you a real jewel and love hearing about your new adventures and of course your BOOKS. I'll catch up with you soon to get Judgment Fire.
God really blessed you on your trip and he will continue as you get back to work at home. Be well and keep writing. Sherrie Floyd
trudi said…
I read them to your greatgrandson Chandler when ever he is here with grandma,,,we check up on what you have been doing that way,

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