Romantic Time Reviews

Someone just sent me congratulations for a four star review in Romantic Times for Judgment Fire. I hadn't heard about it so did a Google search and sure enough, there it was, four stars for Judgment Fire. The review is in the magazine but won't be on the website for two months so have no idea what was said.

While there, I noticed Calling the Dead received three stars. What was most interesting to me was the reviewer said that the Indian legends in the book detracted from the story. H'mm. Other reviewers made comments about how much the liked the legends. Another proof how different everyone's opinions are. The reviewer did mention that she liked the way Tempe called back the dead in the story.

One sure way to get a review in Romantic Times is to pay for an ad for your book. Ads are very expensive, but I went in with some other mystery authors for a joint ad which made it more affordable. RT has a large readership. It will be interesting to see if having the ads and the reviews result in more sales.



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