Tough Week

Writing is something I love to do--especially spending time with Deputy Tempe Crabtree and her family. Lately there's been no time for Tempe.

Last week, I was busy everyday with a class for administrators of adult residential facilities. I'm in charge of the training programs for an organization for administrators of licensed facilities and we do this particular class twice a year. Because I have to get up at 5 and don't get home until nearly 6 each day, all I had time and energy for was the required paperwork, snail and email.

On the weekend, I did some catch-up work and watched Netflix. Hubby and I love movies and when we can't get to a theatre, Netflix is second best. Saturday night I slept oddly and pinched a nerve or something in my neck and was in horrible pain all day Sunday. Still taught Sunday School, had three boys, two of them are ADD or something similar, another boy who used to be a problem but has really shaped up, and two girls. Church followed, then we took some family members out to lunch. Only home for a short while when it was time to go to a council meeting at church. Once that was over, I came home and crawled into bed.

Monday when I woke I was okay but--I went to the doc's and got a flu shot and within an hour I had another excruciating pain on the otherside of my neck! After a good night's sleep, it disappeared.

Did grocery shopping, worked on some writing projects that bring in money and took care of some business.

Today, after another writing project, I made airplane reservations for two conferences coming up at the beginning of the year, and a hotel reservation for one--amazing how long that takes. This week I'm doing all the dinner cooking. Last night we had tacos, tonight ravioli. I love to cook, fortunately my daughter-in-law is quite willing to clean up afterwards.

In a few minutes I'm headed to my writing critique group--something I haven't done for awhile.

Tomorrow night, I'm giving a talk on point-of-view to a writer's group in another city.

Saturday and Sunday is the Apple Festival. I'll have a booth as I've done for the last three years.

Hopefully, the following week I'll be able to at least write another chapter and see what kind of trouble Tempe has gotten herself into.



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