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Christmas Offer

I barely survived Thanksgiving--not the food and company part--but I was struck down by the flu bug. Yes, I had the flu shot. My nurse friend assures me it could have been a lot worse if I hadn't had the shot.

Because of being sick, I haven't been able to tend to my writing business like I should have. My work in progress (the next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery) has been put aside for a bit, I had two large projects that had to be done, and I have more to do on the ghost writing project I'm contracted for. As any writer knows, another important part of this profession is promotion. I try to do at least one promotion idea a day--hasn't happened.

To make up for this, I've decided that I will give away the first book in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series--Deadly Omen--to anyone who buys any other book from my website. I'll also pay the postage. Autographed books make great Christmas gifts, especially for people have a clue what you should give them.

The Rocky Bluff P.D…

"Legitimate" Authors and Bouchercon

Take a look at this, and go near the bottom and you'll see that the committee (consisting of Mayhem people) is going to come up with rules to exclude more authors. I can't believe this. They had lots of big name authors in Anchorage--but it was really expensive.

I guess author's like me don't count, not even my money.

Despite belong to MWA, Sisters in Crime, and other writers organizations, serving as an instructor for Writers Digest for 10 years and being invited to be an instructor at the Maui Writers retreat, having 20 published books, doesn't make me a "legitimate" author.


An Award and Another Good Review, Etc.

Judgment Fire received the Golden Quill Award for Mystery from the American Authors Association. Needless to say, I am thrilled.

In this morning's email I was tickled to find the following review:

Judgment Fire
Tempe Crabtree mystery series
By Marilyn Meredith
PUB: Mundania Press
ISBN: 978-1594264849

Can Tempe Crabtree’s heritage and forgotten past help her find who killed a battered wife?

Fighting the prejudices of hundreds of years against Native Americans and women in “men’s jobs”, Tempe works as a Sheriff’s Deputy in the Sierra Mountains. She tries to ease the misgivings of her minister husband and her firefighter teenaged son while she tries to balance work and family.

Marilyn Meredith takes us into the spiritual world of the American Indian while she weaves Tempe’s story of arson and murder to a surprising conclusion in a well written book that’s over before you would like.

Review by Wanda C. Keesey (author of Lost In The Mist, release date May 2008)

Last weekend…